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    Compound HQ's 4TH Run!.. clones only! 20x30 room.

    Good luck with next run, by far your thread is my favorite on rollitup.
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    Vermicomposters Unite! Official Worm Farmers Thread

    I got mine at costco too.
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    Compound HQ's 4TH Run!.. clones only! 20x30 room.

    I saw on a Facebook page your review of the airos. Looks like a great precaution.
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    20 light shipping container grow update

    Wow, great grow start. I really like the idea for a container grow. Seems nice to start with a reefer instead of insulating it yourself. Subbed for future updates.
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    New Grow 50x100x10

    Thank you for the update, will be exciting to see on completion. I sure hope you do a grow journal too.
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    Control odor & sterilize your room air + surfaces 24/7 + eliminate PM

    Wondering if a no till organic soil grow would be able to benefit from one of these?
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    New Grow 50x100x10

    Any updates?
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    Blumat system advice?

    I second the Tad Hussey podcast. I found some good recommendations on blumats from the experts he gets on the show.
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    Compound HQ's 4TH Run!.. clones only! 20x30 room.

    Wow looking great. Do you think the rolling tables you are using could be setup to have soil beds instead of pots. Curious if they can hold that much weight. Very excited for your next run.
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    Putting the flower room into overdrive. 1110 Watts quantum boards + 2000 Watts HPS

    Awesome ro setup. I really like the manifold to fill your reservoir.
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    4 x 8 Gavita LED 1700e vs Gavita DE HPS

    How is the test going. Looking forward to seeing the outcome.
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    Living soil+Blumats=Blazin is Lazin

    I am a big fan of blumats. Once dialed in they are awesome.
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    Opinions on Blumats

    For the perilite if the touch the ceramic apart of the carrot it will trick the blumat, you can have perlite in your media but what I did was put some coco into the hole that I had put the carrot in to push any aeration away from the carrot. Just kind of of pushed more into the hole and put the...