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  • Hi SimonD how are you. Middle age man just bought a bcnl bloom box and turned the light's out 2 day's ago. Don't know if I should do anything before cutting down I think tomorrow afternoon. I have a dryer, took out water after a night of ice, drained 36 hours ago(is that right or should I left water in)
    I cut my plants down and let them hang dry for 4-7 days.then trim and into the jars.once the buds are in the jars th rh will get to 60-65% rh.thats when i seal my jars for 8 weeks.after the 8 week cure i open my jars and smell a stale smell of buds.they are dry and when i crack a bud open the smell comes out then..plz help me what am i doing wrong
    Hey Simon, since you use Jacks Classics i was wondering if you flush during the 9th week of flower? (5 week veg, 9 week flower)
    whats up bro its my first grom think i did well with the flowering and everything but not sure on how to cure read you post and i dont know were to find the thing you was talking about please help about a week from harvest and dont want no hay smelling or bad tasting weed
    please help me
    I'm just a noob...I didn't see that nuglets was clearly an issue for the admin...I still don't know! LOL! :)
    That's what I just did. I've been popping lids for a few min's every 4 hrs. Now I'm thinking to wait 12 hrs. in hopes that this will bring back much needed moisture to outside buds- would you wait longer? Mold is really not a concern right now. I checked yesterday- they're dry! Yet RH remains high. I'm high and dry- now I know what Radiohead was talking about. "Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry."
    Hi Simon,
    I'm Smokey! I'm looking for the perfect cure and you seem to know what's up, I mean that is your tagline, so here's my situation... My RH is b/w 70-72, temp 65. Buds are DRY. I read another thread where you said moisture is still being distributed from inside to out. Fair enough. So what is the best way to distribute the moisture w/o overdrying the outside?? I'm using big-ass air-tight containers that are pretty much full. I could use more containers and have them be less full- would that help distribute better/faster? I could raise the temperature a few degrees. These are the two ideas I've come up with. Also, I could empty them out 1x a day (also check for mold then), and put them back- my fear here is that I'm drying them out too much by doing that, even for just 10 min's. Your thoughts, sir...


    Here's my thoughts. I can raise the temp a little, I can
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