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  • Stoney! Been a while just came back to the forum, saw ya made a post glad to see you are still around!
    I didnt forget about ya man! been a little busy these last few. Ill hit ya up when is finished!
    Hey there, I got an invite from someone at the state testing site here to go down and sit and talk with them, can you help me get the word out, I'm looking for suggestions and comments on what people would have me ask them or tell them. This came out of the feedback site. If you want to you can go back in and read the discussion between them and me, it's under the comment portion of the suggestion on not opening up the dispensaries.
    Thanks for quick reply will try to get some pics.took a cutting the other day seems to be grown well if I keep it under 12/12 for 2 week will it start to flower
    Right m8 my plants been shown singns of flowering for the last 3 week some pistils apeard and the white hairs started to grow.I'm a first timer I'm using a 250watt mercury philips bulb will that flower it.seen your pictures m8 looking real nice what bulb do you flower with
    hey whats up i wanted to ask ya when ya get a chance take a look at my grow thread. its labeled my first real grow socal style! In the outdoor section thanks a lot!
    thank you kindly. I've put up some more. Let me know how it goes when you get hashin. PEACE
    Nice BlueBerry. I'm thinking they don't like the cold. Lost 2 little ones so far. Have 2 AK clones that will make it and 1 maybe 2 blueberry clones that should make it. Good luck with the re-veg... We tried but didn't do anything... It's still alive but looks like shit. Have 2 fresh blueberry clones that are going on three weeks since they were cut. Sill green but no new growth yet. I'm trying like hell to keep them going. Wish me luck...
    Dam i am all the way down in socal and my friend tells me my first time in this dry hot dessert town is not gonna come out like yours. So idk i just want my first time to do great. He told me that outdoors doesnt get that frosty inless jar cured for a bit of time. whats your opinion
    Dang i been thinken about doin the pre mix or trying happy frog. Roots organics maybe black gold. But i herd its cheaper to make my own mix like you have done. Although i dont have a compost. With the pre mix and the right fertalizer can i get my stuff for my first time outdoors or in a green house to come out like yours?
    Sup your last post in the curing section those buds look great! What strain and soil?
    Wow that's fucking sweet!!!! My BBs are doing exactly what you said they would, buds getting fat and shade leaves turning dark blue. Prob another week or two before harvest. I'll take more pics.
    Don't think I'll get a lot weight on the first BB but BB-2 is about 2 weeks behind BB-1 and AK is about 3 weeks behind BB-1.
    BB-2 is already looking better than BB-1 and AK is really starting to take off. So even if I don't get a whole lot, the rotation is working.
    Taking the bag seed plant down tonight to make room for another BB.
    hey whats up man new indoor guy here go check my thread in the indoor section if ya dont mind i made. Just look for one done by me with my screen name. Any input suggestions or ideas i would be thankful
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