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  • Greetings! I need your help!!! I just realized that my 1000w remained 0n for 24 hours in5th flowering week. I saw that you experienced the same problem several years ago. I dont know what to do. Should i let them run the full 36 as you did? Or i must turn off the HPS now for the rest 24 hous? Do you remember the result of your grow? Thank you and im sorry for my English!
    I'm a patient in CT with a valid card. I feel like you could answer a lot of my questions. If it's ok I would like to give you a form of contact so we can talk.
    I just use 1000 watts figured it was better then upgrading one day. I use titans co2 reg with digital read and set it at 1500
    Hey Tamorin, i saw a couple posts of yours about rhode island caretaking. i live on the border of ri and ma and i could be moving to ri soon. i used to live in woonsocket actually. Anyway i would love it if you could help me out with some info on this. thanks a lot in advance
    I saw you reply to several different posts on here and you seem very knowledgeable.I'm trying to become a first time caregiver, but need to find a patient. I'm new to this process, so any tips or info, would be helpful. Looking to become an apprentice of sorts
    Hey baby! Just stopping in to show you some love! I'm coming downstairs to cuddle and medicate xxoo
    I'm still interested in that group you mentioned awhile back. How has the turnout been so far? Thanks
    Read your post to IndianLung and thought you might be able to help. I am a new RI patient, with card in hand. I am undergoing Hep C treatment and am looking for a small interim supply of meds to combat my nausea and sleep problems. I have a hydro grow started (White Castle) but it will be some time before I see any meds from it. I am not unfamiliar with MJ having been an active user in my youth (Woodstock, flower power, and all that). Any help or direction you can provide is appreciated.
    i have read youre reviews and i am impressed i have left yu my cell and my email please tell me how to get in touch with you thanks charlie :peace:
    Hi, I'm a new RI mmp patient, have very young medicine growing already and would be interested in joining the group you've started. My schedule is pretty open and chances are I can meet with you at your convenience. I can be reached via my profile name here @yahoo.com
    just started this profile here btw, have one with some photos on my cannabis.com profile, same username. :)

    Man...super great meeting you yesterday and thank you so much for the meds! I've been in need and they are already looking and smelling great!

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