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  • New to rollitup and noticed your thread on pollinating pineapple express with tga.I have a qt x pe and out of ten plants 9 where qt dom and one was pe dom and the pe is hermi proof so far.How did yours turn out.My pe looks and smells just like pe.Pics soon. Peace
    That helped me out a lot thank you so much. Ya I do the same topping like you I'm starting with Vortex 10 pack Fluffy is ok for me It's only for me and my wife.I've only ordered seeds twice and had the attack of the nanners and a couple of hermies I believed everything I read.Will let you know it goes. Once again Thanks
    Hi Tardis A little help would be nice. I am going to order seeds and you have way more experience then me and it seems we feel the same way hermies,naners not good. So since I live in Puna lots of rain. Of the TGA seeds was there one that did better out side I do like you veg in, finish out. Just not sure where to start all his stuff sounds great. Thanks
    Glad you liked it. Maybe give some away when someone asks you. IF you think you have enough to get thru till next harvest. Better yet teach them how to grow if they don't or cannot buy it for whatever reason. People have so many reasons they cannot and seldom have a reason they can. Watch The Secret!
    Peace out
    Thought you'd be interested- the P.Exp x Agent O. is showing female at 5.5 wks. I hope it's worth drooling over- I want to put it in 12/12 as soon as I have room. It's one of 7 diff. mixes I sprouted and they need to go in before they get out of hand. I have 15 seedlings behind those!
    yo i cant pm you for some reason so i just wanna post this here hope its cool but i gota question dude,i know both DJshorts f13 & Pineapple express are dank but which one would you say is danker?im gonna grow Subcools vortex (straight dank lol) with something else and wanted to kno.i know its much but could u go more in depth about each ones high more than you did.oh and when you said that f13 was easy to get used to (after that one day you smoked it again and its high was reduced) did you mean that its high got boring or was it still super potent

    1. which one was more trippier/visual/altered perception
    2. which one was more happy/euphoric
    3. do they induce bad couchlock,where all you can do is sit down
    4. are they social
    5. do they induce mad laughter
    6. is f13 a one hit quitter (1-4 hits and your fried)
    7. are they relaxing or are they more energizing & motivated
    8. and finally which one has more of that cartoony land visual thing you keep talking about lmao that shit sounds dope
    Hi tardis!

    I was referred to you by Dr. Greenhorn. I'm vacationing in Kauai with some friends and the good doctor thought you might be able to help us with our green deficit. If that's your specialty, please let me know. Thanks for your time!
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