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  • hey old friend. I stumbled back into RIU and couldn't not say howdy to one of my original grow mentors. I hope all is well for you brother.
    hey TLD. did you ever find out why your attachments ain't showing up? my attachments are missing too. kinda freaking me out a bit.
    sorry to repost, but didn't know if it went throu. just asked if you were a mmj patient, as i am? and if you knew how i could find other patients tht dont know how to or just dont wanna grow-that i could donate to? thanks for any help.
    Hey dragon, are you a mmj patient? i am and i'm looking for other patientss that dont grow, that i could "donate" T0? can you tell me where to go? how to go about? thanks
    Hey there old firend. I was actually just introducing my friend to this site earlier today. I mentioned you as some of the good people on here. Anway man, how have you been? I have been strictly outdoor for the last yr and 1/2, but about to get something set-up here soon. Maybe I will pick your brain in the design phase again. I haven't been on here except here and there to grab some info. So ya man, cool hearing from you. It will be good to hear how your doing.
    What up loaded, Hope your well... Still growing here in So.Cal.. Looking to get up North here soon..
    How am i trolling? i dont even know what that means i asked a few questions about his grow and told how good it looked. He does not mind helping and letting out some info. I have not made one rude comment on this website once.
    Right right the reason i am digging holes now is because its hard dirt a lot of hard work digging these holes big i would love to dig ten holes in this big back yard i have to work with.

    I was not gonna get the soil or put any in the holes intill around may or so when i am ready to plant. My idea was to go to different clubs and get all kinds of clones. Because i was told a strain that does well inside will do amazing outside because of the sun having to much more light.

    The soil i have to work with is hard and not a single thing growing in it. has never been worked or gardened. So i think i am just gonna do big ones and use fox farms and black gold maybe mix those other ammendments in like the meal and the worm castings is this a good idea to mix in with the fox farms?
    Agrreed one last question for ya sir. I am already digging my holes for next years grow now i was gonna use fox farms and add peralite.

    But i read one guys grow thread and its huge he used blood meal worm casting i mean sea weed fish compost and two other things. You suggest i use fox farms and then mix in worm castings and the blood meal and all that other good stuff to the soil i will be using?
    hey whats up man people been telling me for next years grow i need to dig my holes as big as possible and about 5 feet apart from each other is this true?

    Also i am in palm springs and its hot as heck out here do i just keep them nice and watered and let them stand the dry heat? I read someone put mulch around the plants to keep them cool but idk what mulch is. Any tips is appreciated thank you
    Hi bro, so sorry to hear of your latest hardships. If I weren't in the same damned boat I'd offer more help than a word. Not down to ramen yet, but no income since Nov of last year, thanks to the wonderful state of Ca and the institutions it funds (ie worker's comp, State Fund insurance) who've done a helluva a job fucking up the life we spent 25+ years building.

    All I can say is hang in there, lean on those you love the most, and things eventually get better. God, I hope so! PEACE! DT
    our journey continues! maybe theres something i can help you with this time? lets get this outdoor party started!
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