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    Are there any non-hole filled grow tents?

    I've used a few different tents... Even my Gorilla tent (not the Lite version) had a small pinhole in it. It is the highest quality, but it costs too much and I needed the extra height due to running hydro in it. Outstanding quality on everything, but still overpriced IMO. I like my Opulent...
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    Are these males?

    Bout a pound.
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    Concerns over possible leaf issues.

    You're starting with too many supplements IMO. You only need the Trio and possibly CalMag (depending on your water). You can even run just the Micro and Bloom using the Lucas method and grow some killer stuff.
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    Bonsai mothers from seeds?

    It doesn't make sense IMO because you need to run the seeds out first to find the right pheno before you know which one will be a mum. Unless you want to pop multiple seeds and create multiple mums, then run clones out to find the right pheno, but that just seems backwards to me.
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    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    Thanks, went with this one. The modular design may come in handy, not sure which way I'll use it yet. Warning: Do not buy these lights: SZHLUX Grow Light 4ft 140W... I just got 2 of the 4' lights in today, neither powered on at all...
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    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    This one doesn't seem to work anymore.
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    Need advice on auto stains

    I'd recommend to pull up a site with strains and look through them. On you can sort by High THC, High Yield, medicinal effects, and other categories. Then click on each strain and read up about times, yields, Terps, etc, etc. Spend a few hours looking through strains to figure out...
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    Gnats in hydro

    Also make sure to check any spare soil or media that fungus gnats may hide or breed... I was doing great on killing fungus gnats daily but they seemed to keep coming back just as fast. One day I opened a rubbermaid tub in the grow room that has extra soil and there must have been 200 fungus...
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    Gnats in hydro

    Mosquito Dunks and Bits work well in a hydro reservoir (put it in a sock so it doesn't clog a pump) and can be broken up and put in soil/media. The active bacteria is BTI and kills their eggs. It doesn't do shit for adults, but it stops the breeding cycle. *Note that you can't use it in a...
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    Heeeeelp Jekyll & Hyde problem

    Can you provide more information on your environment? Looks like heat stress or light stress due to the leaves canoeing.
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    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    Thanks @Marq1340 This deal was too good to pass up!
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    Nute burn...with no nutes..or what

    Water with the distilled water and then measure your EC/PPM of the runoff water. Yes, you should get a snapshot of where your EC/PPM level is now, then you know if and how much nutes you'll need to add.
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    First Post - Cal deficiency or root rot or other issue

    I think its root rot. Fast PH drops are usually root rot. It doesn't look like you're running anything to combat bad bacteria. You can either run a sterile system (h202, bleach, etc) or a live system (beneficial bacteria like HydroGuard, but Southern AG seems popular around here and I will...
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    Over growing your room

    You can also use temperature to help control the stretch. Giving the plants a 10 degree (F) temp difference between night and day will help promote stretching and giving a less narrow temp range will help to limit stretching. I'll run mine at 66-77 (F) when I want to promote stretch and try to...
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    Gray spots on my babies! DWC

    To lower PPM you need to add water. If you can't add water you'll need to drain some and replace it with new water, then balance your PPM.