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    Alex Jones and

    Jury nullification is a constitutional doctrine which allows juries to acquit criminal defendants who are technically guilty, but who do not deserve punishment. It occurs in a trial when a jury reaches a verdict contrary to the judge's instructions as to the law. A jury verdict contrary to the...
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    Alex Jones and

    I did a recent interview on Alex Jones Please check it out... As well as a couple other interviews..
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    This is our 2012 grow!! We are doing some Bubba Punch ( Bubba Kush X Grape Punch) as well as some Bubba Kush and some Presidential O.G. Kush.. All organic soil.. We are now using Roots Organic Nutrients and are very happy with it.. Hope you enjoy..
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    All Organic Indoor!

    So here is the new set up in my room... We got rid of the trays on the walls and built 4x4 trays with caster on them to move and spin around.. Also they can grow taller..
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    The Seed Collectors Thread

    Super Silver Haze is one of the Frostiest stickiest, sweetest smelling plants I have grown.. I have fallen in love with this plant ove the last few years and have request from people for me to grow it... I think its one great plant for some Super pick me up Hash... Best hash Ive made came from...
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    All Organic Indoor!

    I used all organic Nutrients, With ocean forest Pro Mix and some 100000 year old iron supplement!! Changed to fox farms organic bloom and some Humbolts Budswell!! Used some Cal/Mag and some organic B-1... I have some new orgainc mix that I tried as well.. Met this guy on a golf course who...
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    The Big 40

    Just got done reading your whole thread.. Loved it.. Next time your down in So.Cal hit me up, I run here in O.C. We have allot in common. Would love some input on outdoor growing.. Thanks for checking out our grow...
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    All Organic Indoor!

    Here is some pics of our New set up.. We do all organic indoor..
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    10 1000 wt Hps

    We do all organic indoor soil.. I will be updating this week with more info and pics... check us out...
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    10 1000 wt Hps

    Here are some pics of our new grow.. More to come..
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    Indoor Spring Run, Chemo Cindy and Purple Kush (Mostly) 1000W HPS, 400W MH

    Your girls always look so sweet.. Glad your doing well!!
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    Posted in Outdoor growing on purpose.....Only getting Married once

    I just got remarried to my ex-wife.. We had some problems and divorced, But after realizing how much we loved each other we tried again.. Do what it takes to be happy brother...
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    What up loaded, Hope your well... Still growing here in So.Cal.. Looking to get up North here soon..

    What up loaded, Hope your well... Still growing here in So.Cal.. Looking to get up North here soon..
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    The Seed Collectors Thread

    I have a Collection of over 40 strains.. I keep mine in little airtight bottles with a napkin inside to keep them dry and in the freezer.. Seeds are alive and I have foun d by keeping them frozen they seem to pop quicker.. They think they are in winter, when introduced to warm water they sprout...
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    Lets see your grow room who has what learn for it

    Bubba kush,Pure Kush, Skwalker O.G. , Blueberrywonder, Skypunch, Fucking Punch,Bluewonder punch, Bubba Punch, GDP... Fans Lights a/c,thermostat Co2... All organic soil!!