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  • Thanks for the advice about mulching earlier in the season it has been a huge help
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    Mulching again after last years success. Thanks for the lesson I will probably use it for the rest of my life. Appreciate ya
    I have not posted at PS for many moons & just yesterday I got banned from icfag after several run-in's with the nazi's hahahaha....It's all good, everyone knows where to find me. Mostly at MNS forums or You probably know that is now gone, I really liked that place. So, how many posts 'til I can send a PM ? I got some things I would like to discuss with you. :bigjoint:
    Thanks VG...some of the learning came from you...and trial and error. I'm in desperate need of a cover of some sort. Think I might have just found the perfect idea.
    My soils are a product of many(17 in this location) years of adding manure from local dairies, home made compost, used potting soil, and anything else organic that will encourage worms and microbes. I use a lot of N-P-K fertilizers and liberal applications of micro nutrients. Be sensible with your soil components. If your local soil has good drainage properties, I'd avoid adding perlite to your soil. It adds nothing but better drainage and loose soil. The higher percentage of organic matter with a small percentage(I like about 10%) of clay, will grow huge plants. Roots need Oxygen, but root hairs like good contact with soil particles. Clay helps with good root hair contact and holds moisture and nutrients longer. I encourage a large population of earth worms.
    How's it going man I was wondering what mix or soil u use for your outdoor grows.the reason im asking is im looking to do an outdoor grow this year and am getting differant soil mixes reading on the forum.but was wondering what u use.thanks for the help if u can pm me the info thank u
    sweet man !!

    gona grow
    1 fem pineapple express - g13
    2 x reg Chernobyl - tga subcool
    2x reg the flav - tga subcool
    2x reg agent orange - tga subcool
    and another 4 seeds but still havnt decided what ones !!!! any ideas ?? i want tga strains that are good outdoors and that get huge !!!!!!!! ideas ??
    hey thanks, but how long till it would flower if i plant, and there is 1.5 month till longest day, is that 1.5 months veg ??? beacause it wouldnt start flowering strait after longest day?? the light time atlest needs to drop an hour or so aye for it to respond and flower??

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