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    Eye Hortilux Powerveg

    Good week to everyone, posting my weekly update one day early this week because after 13 days since 12/12 light switch I'm calling it day one of flower. No change in anything this past week. Same watering and feed schedule.
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    Veterans...Get the fuck in here now!

    I wish cell phones where around when I was in the Army.
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    from seed genetics advice

    Love the profile pic, if I had a third arm I'd give ya three thumbs up!
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    Automatic watering system

    Check out Amazon, you can find them pretty cheap there if your just looking for quick fix while you away for that week. If you get one with just 1 or 2 inlet/outlets you can get "tee's" so you can water as many plants as you need. This is the one I use, it's a darn little work horse as well...
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    Should I use this for my next top dressing??????

    You are absolutely correct, I don't grow in organics. My bad, soo sorry bro.
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    Should I use this for my next top dressing??????

    Just me, but I would not use any soil that has white fuzzy stuff growing on it.
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    Pest prevention protocol for NEW equip?

    A few times I just brought the 2 quart bag of soil out in the forest and put the plant right in it. Poke a few holes in the bottom of the bag and your good to go.
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    Pest prevention protocol for NEW equip?

    Hot shot is da bomb!
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    Is this re-veg?

    Not sure if FF still has a product called Sledgehammer. But I've used it in the past when I over feed with FF. It solved my problem quickly. Not sure what's in it but if it works, it works.
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    carbon filter?

    Anybody have any good experience with any kind of sound diffuser for intakes? The inline fan and air coming out of the filter are quiet, but where the air gets sucked into the exhaust tube is kinda loud.
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    THREE 4x8s! NEW GROW!

    Good thing you don't have a crazy GF cause you got her face in one of the pics.
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    carbon filter?

    Looks like the set up I seen on
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    carbon filter?

    Yes it's a low, medium and high switch. I like that better than adding in a speed controller. I found that this set up works well in a 24"x48"x48" tent using the 6" duct hole on the top of the tent. With this tent size and fan at 420cfm on high speed, ive never needed medium or high. Most of...
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    carbon filter?

    This is what I use, three grows and no issues with the filter "clogging". No funky smell in the house anywhere but there is sometimes a little wiff of the girls when I first walk into the lung room.
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    veg + bloom nutrients

    I like veg+Bloom, unfortunately I learned the hard way that you only need a little less than half strength when using fox farm happy frog. Now that I'm dialed in the nutes can't be any easier. With my tap water averaging 7.4ph v+b dirty, almost gets me down to 6.5ph, when mixed with shine I get...