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Jun 3, 2010
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Apr 15, 2015
    1. jackbog
      Hey whats up wheezer i see you do alot of outdoor and a great job too, i was wondering if you could help me out i have a few different new strains this year and also do outdoor in cali and have never grown these stains. I was wondering if you know if any of these would yield good and be good smoke i have sfv og, mob boss, amnesia, omrita rx, deadhead og, cherry pie, og kush and raspberry kush any info would be great thanks
    2. Nightshade777
      I hold out hope you will contact me one day...I wish you and Joann a very merry Christmas and a great life ever more...Don (Number is the same as well as my address)
    3. Nightshade777
      Hello ole friend....This is your ole buddy from Inglis....Friendly neighborhood guitarist....I would VERY MUCH like to speak with you....Nightshade777
    4. Rising Moon
      Rising Moon
      I know your a big fan of Romulan, and I am wondering which seed company your plant is from?
      I heard next generation seed has a good Romulan. But I would be interested in your opinion. Thanks!
      i LOVE your avatar.. keep it green and roll 'em BIG

    6. konagirl420
      Happy New Years!!!!!!
    7. purpz
      nice grow man. I have a similar set up with the raised beds w/soil, but mine are on 1000w. I'm pretty new still to indoor and have access to dank cuts of urkle and urkle crossed strains. Urkle is a complete bitch to grow slow as hell. Ben thinking on switching to soil-less to help w/ its growth and against diseases. plus she's bushy as phuck. anyway, just wanted to say that i thought you did an awesome job.
    8. vanislandguy
      hey dude, nice job hitting your 30 I'm impressed. Hey I'm thinking about doing the big 12 inside and want to hit 6, got a second to chat?
    9. Northside.roost
      scum of the earth
    10. KingofHearts2die4
      you inbox is full
    11. kushking42
      how are your 200's coming along?
    12. Gopedxr
      hey whats up finally got my thread up in action in the indoor section! See what ya think of the pics i should be in the big smart pot tomorrow with them. Do you think i started to late?
    13. philthy phil
      philthy phil
      yes sir mine like i said look great but constant attion iam kicking it also going to stay with the bubba kusk and lavender........thanks for gettin back ..pg
    14. philthy phil
      philthy phil
      hey weezer i was pepping out ur site with the white rhino medical grow u did..iam in day 52 week 4 of flowering my meds and i also am growing a white rhino with others but had a question about this strain maybe u can help me with..dont worry am not a dick like some folks on here...? is it was geting realy bushy at bottom i always topp my plants so i have like 9 phat kolas working on weigt now but so caked in crystals i lolly popped it a coupple days ago now looks even better did u have to flower it a week or so longer seems like mine will need another week also i grow indoors 400 watt mh/hps.....ph is also hard to keep at a steady even likable number even with ph down using fox farm ocean soil plan to shange next grow to sunshine or black gold..any tips u can give a fellow green thumb...any ways hope 2 hear fro u ...1 love phil.....
    15. wheezer
      good news guys. Tanders is working on a free or cheap(i'll take care of it)or it'll be like 5 bucks a month a each, forum/chatbox we can use. I will keep you guys posted on here so chek in here till your PMs are up and rumming.
    16. MichNuggets
      yo wheez..ur missed already man. i made this acct to hopefully stay in contact with you cuz u r one cool dude. i hope you put those new threads over here because i love see wat u do best. oh and grass says to get at him on Glass District.

    17. FuzzyNugget
      Yo whats up man? Cant beleive thay shit get at me when ur on bro
    18. TasK211
      Yo man, IDK what happen on MR, but i can no longer go to that page either MR or the forum side, i was just wondering if u had the same issues or if what i think happen actually happen, cuz my last comment, Mucho thank yous...
    19. Gopedxr
      hey whats up man how good are you with the out door scene?
    20. skilly
      I wanna be your first fried yah! Smoke in and peace out!!!
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