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    bodhi seeds

    Happy Thanksgiving colocowboy. Be safe
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    She’s good.
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    Found my seed stash

    In comparison, I’d hit that like a screen door in a storm. Before she lost the weight, nooooooooo....
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    Found my seed stash

    At least she’s not 450#s.
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    Would You Mess Around With A Fat Girl?

    Noooooo never have so far, buttt..
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    Which strain you like most

    :eyesmoke::eyesmoke: Mr. Nice White Widow...:weed::hump:
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    In one of the off shoot sub., world's strongest strains, Bodhi is listed in one category..:hump: :hump::weed:
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    Marijuana Seeds

    Visa, Visa, Visa c.c. is ok...:wall::hump:
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    Flying High

    Good luck. Iz feared..:wall:
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    attention fellow addicts....

    You know you made me go back to Att. to look,I had forgot that quick. I ordered Mr. Nice Seeds Medicine Man...Butt,I thought my c.c. would be declined,so the addict played,with success...:wall::wall::wall:
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    attention fellow addicts....

    The Attitude Seed Bank just took my visa c.c. for payment...:wall::wall::wall: That is all...
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    bodhi seeds

    You got plenty addicted company..:hump::wall:
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    bodhi seeds

    If you're gonna go 2packs Mr. Bodhi, go with G.L.G. Buy 2, get 1 free..:hump: Space monkey..:weed:
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    Where is Bruce Banner fem

    Also, Bruce Banner 3.0 same place...:hump: Thanks for helping me satisfy my ADDICTION...:wall::wall::wall: