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  1. OrganicBudz

    Help I Don’t know what’s wrong

    I agree with the guy above. Its only in one area. Your light is likely cooking the plant. Light/heat stress
  2. OrganicBudz

    Help I Don’t know what’s wrong

    Take pics under regular light people cant tell anything under blurple
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    Canadian Growers: Destiny 4 Plant Grow Kit giveaway

    Aquaterra is the best.
  4. OrganicBudz

    Double headed seedling pictures included.. has anyone seen anything like this before?

    Nope, should help speed up the seedling stage. Lol
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    New to this

    Thats a male. Cut it bag it and toss it before they burst.
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    Sure why not
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    A homemade supersoil or "living soil"
  8. OrganicBudz

    Harvest or not?

    A longer dark cycle. :/
  9. OrganicBudz

    Harvest or not?

    Use a scrog net to hold them up
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    Outdoor Ontario Thread ....Let's See Your Plants !

    Brothers Grimm Cinderella XX's
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    are these cheap LED lights a scam?

    Enjoy the garbage... just being realistic. That stuff wouldnt even be worth smoking, better off growing outside. Regular style bulbs arent gonna do much at all. Lmao w.e to each their own.
  12. OrganicBudz

    are these cheap LED lights a scam?

    None of these lights will yield anything worth even growing for. Yet alone a brick weed seed. Whats the point. You'll get garbage at best starting with crappy genetics. Then subpar equipment to top it off.
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    Gnats. No-till 30 gallon- help

    They are the same. Bits likely better option pricewise though
  14. OrganicBudz

    Gnats. No-till 30 gallon- help

    Gnats are a PITA. Try mosquito dunks with sticky traps and redoing the nematodes. Gl i find aslong as you keep up with the mosquito dunks theyll eventually die off Diatamacious earth can help aswell
  15. OrganicBudz

    cool little milk crate tip

    Milk crates are ok.. except it takes a ft of grow space.. not a great option less space less plant smaller yield, better off planting in the crate and using it as an "air pot"
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    First time grow, how do I increase these yields ?

    Looks like you've got some heat or light stress going on. Whats the temps? Distance of lights? Dial that in first or you'll end up with barely anything
  17. OrganicBudz

    Water only soil advice and help

    In the ground sure, not in pots. Not benefitting at with the worms. The exremenent is just worm castings... Smh sometimes
  18. OrganicBudz

    Water only soil advice and help

    make sure you let that soil cook for a good while before you plant. Also why the worms? Theyll just disturb your roots if anything just get some castings and keep top dressing. :blsmoke:
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    300w vivosun

    Cheap but good? Spiderfarmer sf series. For 4 plants youd want something like a sf4000. You can find them for good deals on alibaba. They have top bin samsung diodes and meanwell drivers and are comparable to much more expensive top end lights. If you want to get into the expensive stuff hlg is...