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  1. OrganicBudz

    Air domes

    just curious if anyone has experience with these. I just picked one up to try out. Suppose to be buried in the bottom of your medium with air pjmp attached. Not sure if itll really benefit all that much. We shall see i guess..
  2. OrganicBudz

    Deformed mutated seedling?

    Alright here it is.... ive never seen a seedling like this. Anyone else? Lol its a blue dream fem
  3. OrganicBudz

    Day 15 flower

  4. OrganicBudz

    Day 8 of 12/12

    Well day 8 of 12/12 now, brothers Grimm CXX how does she look? Sorry for the one shitty blurple
  5. OrganicBudz

    Raw Microbes (bloom)

    Just curious if this stuff is worth it or not. Anyone have experience using it? I already use a ss living soil but would like to boost them microbes before flower.
  6. OrganicBudz

    Week 6 of Veg

    Brother's Grimm Cinderella XX How's she lookin? Sorry for the 1 blurple pic. Was just tied in some spots so theyre bent down.