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    Pistels doing funny things

    Cheers bud
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    Pistels doing funny things

    Black cream auto by sweet seeds
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    Pistels doing funny things

    My pistels are different colours on different bud sites, some are all white, some are mixed and some are all brown or non existent. What does this mean? Plant isn't near done yet. Need opinions!!
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    Help! some hairs white, some hairs brown and non existent.

    Any opinions would be great, my black cream auto isn't anywhere near done but is showing different signs of hairs on each bud. Some bud sides have all white pistels, some are mostly brown and some are showing little to no sign of pistels at all. Pictures below.
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    Help! Have my autos hermied.

    Very bizarre, I found one singular seed a week ago on the very top of my plant and haven't seen anymore since.. my calyx are swollen and I'm pretty sure they aren't male seed pods because they are pointy and most of them have pistols growing out the tip but it is quite hard to tell. The buds...
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    Help! Have these autos hermied.

    Very bizarre, found what looked like a rogue singular seed on top of one of my buds last week, haven't seen anymore since. My plants have very swollen calyx and are pointy which makes me think they are not male pollen sacks/balls.. the buds are pretty much just made up of calyx and I don't...