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  1. Bobby schmeckle

    Beware of “seeds here now” EDIT: They made it right; above and beyond.

    I’ve spent a ridiculously stupid amount on seeds in my life. I send in cash ALL THE TIME. Not once has the cash ever “gone missing”. Not only was I skeptical they even had the pack I ordered (sold out everywhere else for months).... for the first time in hundreds of transactions they “never...
  2. Bobby schmeckle

    Do you make semen for jesus?

    I have this friend. We'll call him "Tim Bob". He used to be a skinhead, but not a racist one. In fact he liked to beat up racist skinheads. But he looked just like them. It was weird. His drugs of choice were meth and roids and his biceps were (and still are) the size of my upper leg (the thigh...