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    Please help with harvest timing!

    Have you any way to look at the trichomes? A jewellers loupe or download a magnifier app on your phone. I usually wait until about 50% of trichomes are gone milky and then start the flush
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    I'm curious, soil growers...

    Iirc i read that 3L of soil for 1oz (i may be wrong) so for 8 from 1 plant would take 24L pot which would be huge and take weeks to vrg.
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    Yellowing leaves and brown spots

    i give mine 1ml of biobizz grow throughout the whole grow
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    My first grow!! Whats this on my plant?

    what light are you using? make sure its not too close
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    Is it ready to harvest?

    that bud looks very small from that pic. can you take a pic more zoomed out? Best way to tell if she ready is use a loupe and look at the trichomes on the bud, clear is not ready milky can be harvested some amber is perfect if you have no loupe. download a magnifier app on your phone
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    What's the problem?

    i done some research before and found these (cant remember where now) i think some grow shops online state the npk biobizz bloom 2-7-4 topmax 0.1-0.1-0.1 fishmix 5-1-4 grow 4-3-6 root juice 0.1-0.1-0.1
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    How big of a yield?

    as above, i think it would be better to have an exhaust. You want stale air removed and what about the smell in late flower?
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    Biobizz measurements for autos

    how many plants are you growing? you just add 1ml of grow to 1 litre of water for the entire grow, except the last week which will be just plain water. so if you need 3 litres of water during veg you add 3ml of grow when you gointo flower its the same. you shouldnt really add nutrients together...
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    Buds are dense but not sticky pictures explain

    as mentioned above, you need to lower your temps my last grow, i also got a few seeds from a previously stable strain because my temps hit 31c for a few days Heat stress, plants too close to lights, light bleed can all cause hermies
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    Thx eveyone for the replies. To be fair, @funbuddy does have a point, i have read on most growing forums that you dont need to adjust pH for premium compost mixes like all-mix, and i have never had these problems in my previous grows. But as this is mostly a peat mix i am betting that...
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    thx mate, any idea what pests they are?
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    I may be wrong here but I always thought good quality soil/compost self buffers pH? ignore, i didnt read that he made this soil mix himself
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    i got my lupe out to check, checked loads of leaves and cant see any bugs. i did do a floiar spray and it may be just dry residue causing the spots. Humidty does get high sometimes, i will need to sort that out watering, i go by the feel of the pot and the affected ones dont get watered that...
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    thx for the answer Sounds obvious now lol Afaik Clover mpc is mainly peat. I have some used all-mix here, might just mix it 50/50 with the clover mpc I even have a bag of coco, would adding about 10% coco also help?
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    Help/Advice for new grow

    the few times i popped seeds, once they popped out of the soil i removed from dome Juest left them in the open air. you want the light close but not too close.
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    need help please. Getting brown spots, leaves drying and crispy, then dying. growing in Clover Multi purpose compost (i do have some babies in reused biobizz all-mix and these aren't affected) feeding 1ml fishmix 1ml agamic 1ml cal-mag even though i am in...
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    Welcome New Members! Read this before posting!

    Hi everyone, long time lurker so i thought it time to be more active