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  1. cph

    How am I supposed to know

    Who's right? There are so many religions. They can't all be right. Why should I believe one over another?
  2. cph

    Take 3... 600w Perpetual SOG~ by: cph

    Welcome to my new journal! I'm starting a new one even though this is still my 2nd grow, a 2nd grow that's lasted 8 months. Once I have a few things added and changed I'll probably do this in a blog, but for now I'm here. Lighting... I'm vegging under 320w of 6500k T12 fluorescents in a...
  3. cph

    The mysterious life of my mystery nug

    So I was hoping to get some opinions on a couple of my plants... They have been alive about 3 months now. I'll get into more details as we go. They're an unknown strain, that's why I call them Mystery Nugs. I got them along with the the other seeds I'm growing from a fellow grower. They've all...
  4. cph

    Am I the only one here?

    Threads: 262,889 Posts: 3,326,992 Members: 197,527 Online: 1 / 4,006 Record: 12-04-2009 at 03:42 PM According to the front page I am...:-( I'm having a few other problems too... Non of my subscribed threads have updated since 9:30 this morning. When I click on the "New Posts" I don't...
  5. cph

    Blowing bubbles

    Well I'm going to give this bubbleponics a try. This is my second grow and my plants are about a month and a half old. I plan to clone with my tubs for now and may flower with them as well. Here are the girls, the one on the right is a Purple Jesus and the one on the left is a White Widow. The...
  6. cph

    Which Seeds Should I Use?

    I plan to start some more seeds tonight. Thought I would get some opinions about what ones to use. Last week I germed 8 seeds and only 4 sprouted. So I need some more. I've got some that my a fellow grower gave me. I wasn't real thrilled with the smoke, but it was good. It was a long flowering...
  7. cph

    A bit of a conundrum?

    Any suggestions or tips would be great! I'm trying to get my new grow put together and need some advice. Here's what I need help with. When I think of the fan for the filter, I'm a little unsure.:? I don't know how many cfm's will be too much or too little. Most filter I've seen recommend...
  8. cph

    cph's next journal

    First I would like to thank everybody who was with me through my first grow!!! All the help was very appreciated!!:clap::hug::bigjoint: Hold on I need to go burn this in the other room with my favorite girl!:eyesmoke: I'm back now...:blsmoke: I'm planning to get a perpetual grow going. Let...
  9. cph

    Should they get watered or get chopped?

    I think my girls are ready, but I was hoping to get some more opinions. I don't have a magnifying glass so I can't check trichs. They haven't had much to eat in 3 weeks. It's been 3 days since I watered them. They are all misc bagseed. So here we go.....:leaf: The first girl has been flowering...
  10. cph

    Would you??? Could You???

    THE LADY IS GETTING READY TO ENTER!! This is a picture of a public toilet in Houston Now that you've seen the outsideview, take a look at the insideview... It's made entirely of one-way glass! No one can see you from the outside, but when you are inside it's like sitting...
  11. cph

    The rodenator!

    I found this and thought it was great. Every outdoor grower should have 1!! I don't grow outside but want 1 any way.:mrgreen:
  12. cph

    Mold!! How bad is it?

    I cut 1 of my plants down tonight because I suspected I had mold. I was right!:cry: All of the side branches were OK the problem is the cola. When I started trimming it the bottom set of buds on it were pretty brown and they were dry, and just fell off. The buds above those have more of a white...
  13. cph

    cph's DIY air filter...

    I knew I wouldn't be able to spend a lot of money on odor control, even though I really need it. So I put this together at work and wanted to get some opinions. I think it will work but have a few questions. It's made of 1/8" thick steel fully welded from the inside. I also leak tested it, not...
  14. cph

    Question about maturity.

    I have a plant that is getting real close to being done. I don't have a magnifine glass to check the trichs, so I have to go by appearance. This is my first go so any help is appreciated. My main question is about the hairs on her. When the white hairs stop coming does that mean that she is...
  15. cph

    What would you do?

    I was hoping to get some opinions on how to handle my situation. I have 9 plants under 600w hps. 3 have been flowering for 6 wks, 2 for 4 wks, 3 for 2 wks and 1 for around 5 wks. I have found 2 hermies, 1 is 6 weeks and not that bad(just a banana here and there. The other one though is 4 weeks...
  16. cph

    Help!! What is it??

    Hopefully you guys can help. I looked through the faqs but couldn't find anything. This plant was ok yesterday. Today when the lights came on I noticed all these spots. It is the worst around the top, with just a few spots on lower leafs. I have been giving them Tiger Bloom nutes. Not exactly...
  17. cph

    His balls dropped.

    I'm pretty sure about what I see here, I just wanted another opinion and maybe some info on males and preflowering. I noticed this in my veg tent while watering. It has been on 24/7 light since the beginning. It is about 7 weeks old. Any comments appreciated. :peace:
  18. cph

    Opinions Wanted, is it a hermie?

    I was hoping to get an opinion before I chop it down. It has been flowering for 11 days and showed signs of being a girl 2 or 3 days ago. Now tonight I go down there and find what I'm pretty sure is pollen sacks. This is my first grow and probably first hermie.:cry: She was looking so nice.:cry:
  19. cph

    How do they look? 10 days flowering

    I was looking to get some opinions on how my girls are looking.:weed: They are about 10 days into flower, and getting hairier buy the day. This being my first grow I'm not sure. I think their doing good.:peace:
  20. cph

    Water with ingredients??

    I have been looking all over town for a place to buy water. Most places have water for 25 cents a gallon. Not here the only bottled water I can find here is prebottled. It is 6.99 for a 5 gal jug and the first 1 was 14.99 with out an exchange. So I sucked it up and bought one, figuring I can...