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  1. Artanius

    New Seedling

    Too late for that, but I will try next time.....:bigjoint:
  2. Artanius

    New Seedling

    I thinks she is doing pretty well...bongsmilie
  3. Artanius

    The 12-12 From Seed Thread

  4. Artanius

    The 12-12 From Seed Thread

    unorthodox is the only way to I think everyone is a little different. we weave in and out, experimenting until we get a system that works....I read here and learn and use a little bit of everybody's advice....Its all about the enjoyment and thrill of victory, when we have a successful...
  5. Artanius

    New setup tell me what you think :D

    Well I have not been here a long time, but from what i see, everyone seems to be trying to help and all in all it is awesome.. So much knowledge.. One cannot help but learn. Practice makes perfect..well So I say thankyou to all, who give their wisdom and their time to answer...
  6. Artanius

    Mewk's Tiny PC Grow #2 / 69w CFL / Soil

    Happy Late Birthday Mewk... Nice grow, it gives me hope in my PC grow.....:eyesmoke:
  7. Artanius

    New Seedling

    So I transplanted into new container, she is doing good...Pics soon.....:joint:
  8. Artanius

    149 watt Mini Fridge stealth

    Lookin sweet.....:bigjoint:
  9. Artanius

    150 watt HPS two plant grow

  10. Artanius

    New setup tell me what you think :D

    yep! thats what i am trying...Give it a name.....:bigjoint:
  11. Artanius

    New setup tell me what you think :D

    Lookin Sweet....:bigjoint:
  12. Artanius

    New Seedling

    I am doing CFL. I have it about 2" above..Ok thats cool...Small computer case first try my plants grew really well, but both were male, so starting again....bagseed, so don't know sex..but I look at it as a further learning exercise....hopefully she is female... and thanks again for...
  13. Artanius

    New Seedling

    You guys are funny.....Its a temp probe...Thanks Dr J
  14. Artanius

    New Seedling

    So I planted into a little starter cup, using one of those peat starters. It is now up. Should i transplant it into the soil i am growing with?:bigjoint: it is about double the size now...
  15. Artanius

    Strange looking 4 week old marijuana plant. Please help!

    Whats with the teeth whitening....:wall:
  16. Artanius

    First Grow...Scared & Desperate...Advice Please!!

    thats ok, the turnout will be awesome...every day when i would check, there would multiple new growths everywhere.....just sayin......:bigjoint:
  17. Artanius

    New setup tell me what you think :D

    no problem man! Gro on.....:bigjoint:
  18. Artanius

    New at Growing too...

    well a few days back, i had to throw the plants out, they turned out to be males........The experience was awesome...thanks guys....until next time.....:bigjoint:
  19. Artanius

    first grow sexing help

    I just went through this a few days ago and 2 plants and 2 males.....:wall: