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  1. Artanius

    New Seedling

    So I planted into a little starter cup, using one of those peat starters. It is now up. Should i transplant it into the soil i am growing with?:bigjoint: it is about double the size now...
  2. Artanius

    Male or female........

    Just wondering male or female? I think male, but not sure, first time grow.....:-(
  3. Artanius

    Going to use Commercial server rack

    Hi everyone, I am going to be using a Commercial server rack for my new grow adventure. A little over 6ft tall and 4ft long and a little over 3ft wide.. It is black inside and out..should i paint it white on the inside and if so, what color white.. And then will that be good enough for...
  4. Artanius


    When I start the flowering cycle, I know I change the lights to 2700k, but do I still have the 6500k running also...?
  5. Artanius

    Can some tell me what is going on with my babies

    So this is my first grow. All seems well, but the last couple of days i started noticing the yellowing and then some brown too. Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong....Pics to follow...Thank you in advance....:wall:
  6. Artanius

    New at Growing too...

    Just a couple of pics. 3 weeks growth on larger plant. Some seeds friends gave me, so i have no idea what they are..