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  1. Say10

    DC/NOVA/MD peoples - need some input

    I live in Virginia, so I'm not too familiar with DC and all the places they have. I see some places offer delivery only, and others have storefronts. Being im not from the area, storefront would be preferred, and preferably not in a sketch area. I'm cutting it close to the wire before my stuff...
  2. Say10

    Need Preventative Advice

    Organic Soil Grow I normally try to avoid indoor summer grows if at all possible, but this year has thrown a wrench and I have to do a summer grow. The reason is I've always battled spider mites in the summer, but never issues in the winter. My plans are 2 courses of Dr Doom fog pre-grow...
  3. Say10

    Coincidence? Interesting Grow Results

    For a brief history, I've always used Hortilux HPS 600W. Eventually, I added a second 175W HPS to add some more canopy space. After a couple years and the time came to replace the 175W bulb, and figured I'd spend a little extra and replaced the whole fixture with a LED - 400W equivalent. Now...
  4. Say10

    Lollipopping - How late into flower?

    As the title states, I'm curious as to how far into flowering you guys continue to lollipop your plants as you realize the shoots that are going to stretch and those that are staying low in the canopy? I'm about 2 weeks on now, and have a couple more branches I'd like to remove, but historically...
  5. Say10

    Online Nute Supplier

    I've always purchased 90% of my nutes from a grow shop about 70 miles away from me when needed, but would like to purchase a few bottles online for convenience and to save the trip. I'm struggling at finding a reasonably priced place to carry everything I need (trying to avoid Amazon). I use...
  6. Say10

    Earth Juice & General Organics Strength

    What strength of nutes do you guys use that use the Earth Juice and General Organics lines of nutes? I'm speaking in regards to the light, medium, and strong strength mixtures listed on the bottle. Grow shop guy tells me to use full strength, but not sure if I should trust him and don't want to...
  7. Say10

    Veg -> To Bloom Transition & Mixture Strengths

    I expect to get 50 different answers from this question, and that is OK. Hopefully there will be a more popular general consensus that will give me some better guidance. Every year, all my girls do great and seem to produce well, but theres always room for improvement. My typical transition...
  8. Say10

    I hate fungus gnats!

    As the title suggests, this post pertains to fungus gnats. God I hate them things! And they are seemingly unavoidable, unless I'm missing something. For a brief intro, I'm no beginner at growing, however I wouldnt consider myself an expert either. Every cycle I'm constantly trying to learn new...