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  1. too larry

    Voter Suppression. . . . .

    . . . . . is the GOP's only hope going forward. Their base is shrinking, so they must keep as many voters off the rolls as possible. Here is a clearer picture of this than we usually see.
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    Rock Docs

  3. too larry


    I figured we needed a new music thread. And YT seems to think I need to listen to the coconut bra crowd this morning. So here goes.
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    Smart talk

    Since John died, I have been missing these guys. They've been at it a year or so online. I just found them last week.
  5. too larry

    Jim Lehrer, Newsman

    They are not making newsmen like Jim Lehrer anymore, so his passing will leave a hole in American journalism. I am not in the entertainment business...
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    One year out

    This time next year we will have sworn in 45 for a second term, 46 Mike Pence for his first full term, or 46 or 47 the newly elected Democrat. Hang on. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
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    2020 In Memoria

    I didn't get this up in time for Neil Peart. But Chris Darrow, a former member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, has died.
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    Today in Rock and Roll History

    For a while I was clogging up the TnT On this Day thread with rock history. I felt bad about it, so stopped, but still saw and heard lots of good stuff fit to post, so. . . . . The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge 10 hrs · George Harrison released the live triple LP "The Concert for...
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    Strain name help needed

    A couple of years ago I grew some Blueberry Twist from the Gorilla {that I won}. I hit them with Blueberry X Shark Shock pollen. Also hit a Blues {blue shiva x blue shark} with the same pollen. They came around in the queue last moon cycle, so I need to name them soon. I wasn't able to find out...
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    Couldn't stand the weather

    What we need is another useless music thread. So here it is. Songs about the weather. I heard this one today when I was in the shower. Gave me the idea for the thread.
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    Blue Jam

    You Tube has been slipping in jam grass when I wasn't paying attention. It's to the point I can recognize different bands. So I figured I'd share the wealth. Billy Strings from a few nights ago.
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    White Elephant

    I've said before that only two things scare me. To be old and poor and a woman with a gun. Yesterday I took steps that might make one of those fears come true. But let me start at the beginning. In 1971 or there about my aunt sold 40 acres {minus the river} without letting anyone in the family...
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    The walking wall

    Saw this on tonight's Newhour. Pretty neat.
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    Was Aunt Ronnie a Racist?

    Newly released Nixon recordings shed new light on an old President.
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    Family Stories

    I thought I might should write some of this shit down. Memory and everything. My mother's father died in 1938 when mamma was 10 years old. He had grown kids up in Georgia older than Granny. When he died, his will left all the land to Granny, and the children from her womb. {love the old legal...
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    First Humans out of Africa was earlier than thought. A skull bone found in Greece has changed some long held beliefs on when we left Africa.
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    The wife has been trying some new recipes. You guys post your good garden dishes. This is from lunch yesterday. Spaghetti squash with bacon, broccoli and cheese. Next time we are going to try with sausage or ham. BIL is lactose intolerant, so Feta for his.
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    There ain't no cure. . . .
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    Solis Maximus Rapidly Approaching

    Here in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day of the year is heading our way. What kind of light hours are you getting in your neck of the woods? Here in Larry Land {NW Florida} my length of day is 14 hours 6 minutes, with tomorrow being 0 minutes 14 seconds longer. I max out at 14 hours 7...