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    Problem with my Think different auto

    Hello fellow growers I have 3 of 4 plants affected by this problem. 400w hps 25l pots Overall plant health is good Last watering 1ml/l Bi Bud 1ml/l Iguana Juice Bloom ph of runnoff 6.6 It progresses really slow on very bottom Picture 1 thats how it starts leaves are droppy they dont lose green...
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    Blue widow Dinafem

    Hey guys, I have 38 old Blue widow still in veg phase. She is under 400w hps 24/0 (because of low temperature). I transplanted her in bigger pot yesterday, and today i noticed some redish spots on leafes. She had a N problem but i fixed that. When the cannopy even i will put scrog on. Are those...
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    Nute problem

    Hey fellow growers I have nute problem please help me diagnose it. Two Blue widow by dinafem, I think its nitrogen problem on the first plant and dont know about second. They are 28days old under 400w hps and gave them biobizz grow 3 times in period of 3 weeks, here are the pictures... First...
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    Mold after curing?

    Just finish cure with mi NL Rqs, and seeing posible mold problem inside bud on the steems but not on the bud.Smell is nothing like mold, its not fuzzy not at all its on 50 rh in jars , can someone please help me.
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    please help

    I got Rqs Northern Light fem plants, they are in veg for about 35 day and leafes are starting to turn yellow. They were feed with fish mix 2 times last week and yesterday... I tought its nitrogen problem but im dont know now please help.