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  1. cph

    Advice thread.

    It's just not a realistic options until I don't have others peoples lives to worry about not fucking up..
  2. cph

    Advice thread.

    Depends on how you want to define 'need' and 'happy'... I'm able to pay my bills and buy food. after that it's all fluff anyway. Neither job will make me happy. That won't happen until I open Pot Head Farms, your source for organic medical cannabis. :eyesmoke:
  3. cph

    Advice thread.

    mr sunshine, Should I leave the job I've had for 19 years for a job paying 1.5x the salary? To take the job I'd have to move to another state that's less friendly with cannabis. When I get there I'll probably have to rent and wont be able to set my grow back up for awhile... Thanks, Chronic...
  4. cph

    does anyone NOT check/adjust ph?

    If you need to PH your nutes, you need new nutes IMO I haven't checked PH on this girl 1 time.
  5. cph

    Fucking USA

    So true snob. Our founding fathers would be convicted of genocide today...
  6. cph

    Fucking USA

    You can dig up stories like that going back 100 years :sleep:
  7. cph

    Fucking USA

    careful you're probably next...
  8. cph

    Need a lil help leaves curling upward and purple stems.

    7 is high for ph. What is the water going in? Curled leaves and purple stems usually means you need some cal-mag.
  9. cph

    Gypsy's Picture Depot

    Nice to see ya back gypsy.
  10. cph

    Take 3... 600w Perpetual SOG~ by: cph

  11. cph


    I agree with Altar. It's very good for you. Search the web, I've never seen anything on here about it..
  12. cph

    who has the prettiest dog?

    Thanks :) Luckily he has his dads eye's. He's a wolf beagle mix, and at 10 weeks they'll stay that way :clap: VVVVV What he said VVVVVVV lol
  13. cph

    who has the prettiest dog?

    We call him Blue, 10 weeks old :)
  14. cph

    Harlequin X

    Here is a great site about cbd...
  15. cph

    Happy birthday!!!!

    Happy 95th to my grandpa!!:)
  16. cph

    Pretentious potheads

    This is some good info on THC levels. Found it somewhere out in the interwebs :) And FUCK snobby smokers, my shit is just as good as yours!! How Accurate are the Lab Numbers? How Accurate are the Labs' Numbers? @@@When a dispensary displays the cannabinoid content of buds or other products...
  17. cph

    Harlequin X

    I've been looking into High CBD strains :) hope ya don't mind me watching.
  18. cph

    yeah he earned it but his parents are rich

    I agree with johnny, what diddy has shouldn't matter, the boy earned it and should be congratulated!! If I was in p diddy's position though I would return the scholarship and pay for the school myself. But that's just me.
  19. cph

    what are your guys views on college?

    I'm a 34 year old IT manager that didn't go to college and transitioned from an Engineer (14 years) to IT. But you wouldn't consider me? I've seen a lot of "college educated" people come and go that were dumbfounded by what I've taught myself. Some people have to work to survive at a young age...