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    How long left

    As title implies how long yall reckon these got left
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    Advanced nutrients overdriver, when you use?

    As the title implies I’m wondering when to use overdrive, I’m in coco and my plants are at 7 weeks some are lookin more like 6ish though. my question is, do u feed overdrive when the buds have been fattening up but still 95% white hairs or do I wait for orange hairs?
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    Finishing off strategy loads of pics

    Okay so I’m my flowering tent I have 20 plants and here are the strains Punch the cake Platinum gushers Strawberry eclair Mighty grape Fruit slap French macaron Grapefruit Og kush Twisted helix Bubble runtz okay so 17 of them were put into flower over about 3 days between 18 August and 21st...
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    Cloning in water

    I have 5 mother plants and I’ve taken my first cuttings, in a jug I put the recommended amount of advanced nutrients to 1 litre of water and added some green focus root stimulator I put the water into mugs about halfway up I cut my cuttings at a 45 degree angle, I scraped the bottom of em and...
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    Why are seed stockers beans so cheap

    Has anyone grown there stuff? Was looking at gelato 41 but don’t understand how they can be so cheap and I don’t wanna waste my time and money
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    Wtf is this

    I’ve never seen this before and don’t have a clue, I’m in coco using advanced nutrients pretty much sticking to what BudLabs says to feed I’m reusing the coco but I’ve done that before and never seen this my temps are around 25 to 30c with lights on not sure humidity as broke hygro jus using a...
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    Portable a/c, tent, smell

    Ok so summer temps are fucking me, I got a 3x3 and a bit room, I got 2 tents ones a veg (1.5x1.5) and a flower tent (3mx1.5m) in between them I have a portable a/c running and venting out of a 4 inch hole in the wall that is already there, the tents each have a exhaust with carbon filter to kill...
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    Buds are dense but not sticky pictures explain

    My blue gelatos are week 7 into flower and as u can see they are dense but as the weeks have gone on they are getting less sticky. Was feeding biobizz just changed to advance and I’m in coco
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    Hermi seed cross

    So I got 20 plants 1x pink kush 1 x strawberry eclair 1 x guava 3 x la conidential 14 x blue gelato a few of the blue gelatos hermied I think due to high temps, I’ve read that hermied plants produce feminised seeds. I pulled off most of the balls as soon as I saw them and let them keep going...
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    Cloning from tops

    Was just wondering, when topping my plants can I use the tops as new cuttings?
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    Ventilation problem

    My grow room is about 10 feet x 10 feet, a 4 inch hole is already in the wall for some reason, I have a 10 inch carbon filter on it with a 10 to 6 then 6 to 4 reducer, a tent with a 6 inch carbon filter, the tent is for veg and the outside air is for flower, my temps are usually around 30 c and...
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    Cheap led grow lights

    Are the cheap led grow lights on Amazon any good? Was gonna get 4 of the 2000watt ones to do a room?
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    Need help with ventilation

    My gf has just got a new flat in a very rural area(kind of place where people talk about anything because there’s nothing to talk about) we have a spare room which is a fairly large room, we want to fill the whole room, there’s a window where the u can see the garden(which is shared so has to be...
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    Going back into veg from flower

    I’m in uk where 9 plants is limit for personal use. I have had my tent on 12/12 and adding a new plant as I crop one every couple to a few weeks, not very happy with yield and just generally the way the plants grow. decided instead to do a 5 pack of autos next to 4 normal photo periods and when...
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    Ladybugs and thrips

    I have a thrip problem, I’ve put up sticky traps and they are helping. My tent is on 12/12 and I’ve got plants in different stages of flower, some on 2 weeks some coming up to the 8th. Will ladybugs eat the thrips and cause no damage to the buds?
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    Going back to 18/6 from 12/12

    Okay so I’m on my first grow, 3 out of my 6 plants hermied so I quickly popped 6 seeds 3 x blue gelato 41 2 x gorrila skittles 1 x cataract kush The tent was already on 12/12 and now the first 3 plants are 6 weeks into flower and the baby are growing fast too, the babies have already shown...
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    Do auto flowers hermie?

    My friend has a small grow tent and the light in it produces so much heat that when close temps rise to around 40c. With the grow tent door open the temps stay around roughly 30ish give or take a couple depending on day or night. My question is, if he gets auto flowering seeds and has the light...
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    Ready for 2nd light yet

    I’m 2 weeks into vegging my gorilla glue #4 and runtz (gelato x skittles) There gettin on quite well as u can see in pic but I’ve had issues with heat as u can see on the leaves. There under a 600 watt hps and I have another 600 watt hps not being used. If I was to put the 2nd hps in my tent...
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    Hps vs led??

    Which one is best? Why is it best? Which is better for yield? Which is better for bud quality? Which is more cost effective?
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    What’s wrong with her???

    First grow bought them as cuttings the 3 at the front are runtz and the 3 at the back are gorilla glue #4. One of the gorilla glue has weird curled up leaves was just wondering why??