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  1. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    F*********ck. Another sale??? Why did you have to say anything. Now I just picked up two packs of that Royal Chem that was on pre order last week. At least after our satan worshipping, pedophile govt forces us to go cashless, I can use seeds to barter.
  2. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    I think youre looking for the Girl Scout Cookies S1 from CSI Humboldt. Its the forum cut. Humboldt Seed Co. also has GSC but with some of their Purple Panty Dropper in the lineage. The best Cookie plant I have grown was the Girl Scout Jones from Connoisseur Genetics. Its a cross between GSC...
  3. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Not included in the pic was about 80 packs from other breeders. I spend about 2 hours a day on different seedbank sites. I had to buy a mini fridge just for seeds. The addiction is real. I do love that Stardawg though. That stud produces some vigorous offspring.
  4. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    I need an intervention
  5. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    I pulled 12 oz of a Purple Chem with a 3 week veg. I run a very dialed aero system though,YMMV
  6. F_Dupp

    when to worry? when plants stop eating!

    Your setup is very clean and your plants look great. I wouldnt sweat it unless you begin seeing problems with the plants. I sometimes see that my plants arent eating much, but its usually due to the heat issues I often have in summer. As soon as things cool down for a day or two, they will...
  7. F_Dupp

    Ph swings. Does root rot/bacteria prefer high or low ppm water?

    Bugs in the rapid rooter is not good. Possible Root Aphid infestation. And root aphids cause major root rot. Can you post a pic of the bugs?
  8. F_Dupp

    Anyone Have Problems with Hygrozyme?

    I didnt have time to read the whole thread, but Hygrozyme didnt give you pythium. It gave you brown algae. Its almost impossible to get rid of. I would start over, if at all possible.
  9. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    I missed a 50% off sale??? F***! I was outta town. I would have bought ten more packs. *kicks self*
  10. F_Dupp

    What Ph meter is everyone using, and what do you think of it?

    Hey everyone. Im in the market for a new Ph meter and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I run a low pressure aero system with 35 gallon reservoirs and am currently using an Oakley Ph pen and it no longer calibrates correctly. What is the best meter you have used?
  11. F_Dupp

    In House Genetics Thread

    This is a lower nug off my Cherry Gorilla. She yields fairly well and has a cherry cough drop type smell
  12. F_Dupp

    SinCity Seeds Info Thread

    Modified Mints
  13. F_Dupp

    Need help with my aero cloner!

    Thats not true. I have had cuts that took over a month to root in an aero cloner. Cuts taken from plants in dirt will often take a long time. I just leave them in there till they root. I will change out the water every couple of weeks, but other than that, just leave em. They'll root. Leave...
  14. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Yes, and yes. I live in the far north, and my nighttime temps were as low as 54f. The buds are bright green and orange. Not even a tinge of purple on any of the four Purple Chem plants. All of my strains that do turn purple, did turn purple. Some almost black even.
  15. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    It seems kind of dumb to call the strain Purple Chem, when none of the plants turned purple.
  16. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Not very good ones. This is the pheno with the dense buds that reeks like gas and lemon cleaner. Shes about 7 feet tall. She is 43 days into flower, The ugly plants behind her are the plants with the big spongey buds that smell like grape bubble gum. I will use those to make oil for cartridges...
  17. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    I run a low pressure aeroponic system. And Im guessing that a 2in netpot was not the answer you were looking for. The plants grow a couple inches per day in my system, and they bulk up very quick. If I were to veg for six weeks, my plants would be approx 7 feet tall when I flipped em to 12/12.
  18. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    I grew out 4 of the Purple Chems. They are gigantic plants. Massive yields of huge, weird, spongey yet dense buds that smell like grape gum on two of the plants. One smaller plant that smelled like fruit loops and also had the weird sponge-like buds. And another monster plant with smaller, yet...
  19. F_Dupp

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Thats about when I started growing too. The old Marc Emery, days The recent strains that I have been most impressed with from seed would be Modified Mints from SinCity. I popped 2 packs of those and found some very unique, very dank plants. They lack a bit in the production...