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  1. Knobcheese

    1st grow, how's it looking?

    Hello, first grow. 4'x8' tent for flower. Mostly Ethos Mandarin Cookies, Apex and a clone Death Star from friend. Few days ago went to 12/12. Wondering how it all looks so far? I plan to tuck some branches into spaces as they stretch.
  2. Knobcheese

    35 days in

    First grow. 36 days in. (Besides two overgrown clones (in 3 gallons) Veg is a 4x4 and flower will be 4x8. Using ffof and added perlite. In 1 gallon bags and will finish in 3 gallon (maybe 5 idk). Using Athena nutes, calmag, recharge, silica blast and using 6.4-6.5 ph. Overall they seem...
  3. Knobcheese


    Growing in 1 gallon after solo cups. We’re transplanted from 70/30 mix ffof/perlite from solo cups to same mix in 1 gallon smart pots 10-11 days ago. Sprouted from seed 9/13. They have got tap water (90ppm/7.2 ph from tap) adjusted to 6.5ph or so each watering when pots were dry (light)...
  4. Knobcheese

    First time post

    Hello all, for months had been brushing up info. from here and started an indoor grow. Seedlings popped out of soil 13 days ago. A few Ethos genetics and oddball Zkittles from Ilgm. Like to say thanks for a ton of great info by members here. they look healthy for 13 days? HF and FFOF with...