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    GH Expert Feeding Program

    Looking to follow their expert feeding program seen in their feeding chart! Has anyone tried the full expert feeding program at their dialed in dosage? This program would include Maxigro, Maxibloom, Rapid Start, Liquid Koolbloom, Floralicious plus, Florakleen, Armor Si, Diamond Nectar...

    Cleaning Question!

    How do you guys clean your quick connect fittings and tubings? Do you just soak them in vinegar? Any tips and tricks?

    High Pressure Aeroponic Questions for the Newbie

    Hey guys! Newbie here.. grew 3 cycles of soil in a couple of 4x4 tents with hps 1000w setup previously and I’m now interested in building this race car system! A drain to waste HPA system. Been trying to find HPA threads here but haven’t had any luck with the details I’m looking for. Was hoping...

    800W LED Newbie indoor overgrow prob!! Please help

    SEE IMAGE BELOW FOR INDOOR LED GROW PROBLEM PHOTO Setup: 1x15 gal res; DWC -- 2 Plants, 8 colas ea.; Super Lemon Haze -- 1x600w LED, 2x100w LED -- 800w Total. **FLOWERING SINCE 11/28/15** **I know -- Res too big, plants too close, tent too small Should I massive defoliate? Lessen the water in...

    Babies are in trouble!! Need HELP ASAP!

    Attached below would be photos of my sick baby. Setup: 20"x36"x72" Mylar Tent, 600w LED, 15 Gal Tote, Hydroton Medium, Earth Juice Nutrients. Strain: Super Lemon Haze Age/Height: 2 Months into Vegging and 20 Inches tall. (2 months because it's my first grow in hydro and have been...

    NEWBIE HELP!! Under watered seedling dropped to the floor!

    I have a 2cm tall seedling in rockwool who is 4 days old. I have not watered since day 1 and the seedling just dropped to the ground. The leaves look fine but the stem got thin and has become weak so I first watered her and gave her a straw to help her stand. (I think she just fell a couple of...

    RDWC/Under Current System newbie questions!

    Hey guys! I'm currently designing the next system I will be using which is the RDWC/Under current system. However, there are questions that I can't seem to answer. Hope you guys can help me out! I will have the exact same setup as this thumbnail below. 8x 5 gal Buckets and 1x 5 gal control...

    Dutch Bucket System Questions

    Is anyone growing in a dutch bucket system nowadays? Been thinking of giving this system a try. However, there is very little info about this system on how it works and how to make it. What are the advantages of this system as compared to DWC and bubbleponic systems?

    Topping question/advice

    Hey guys, these 2 babies of mine are almost 3 weeks in soil and I would like to practice topping or lollipopping!(to focus cola growth on the top leaves?) I'm relatively new to growing marijuana so I would like to know if these can be lollipopped or topped already this early. These plants are...

    Plant advice? (topping or lollipopping)

    Hey guys, these babies of mine are almost 3 weeks in soil and I would like to practice topping or lollipopping!(to focus cola growth on the top leaves?) I'm relatively new to growing marijuana so I would like to know if these can be lollipopped or topped. These plants are actually growing...

    pH question for soil

    Hey guys so I've tested my runoff and it says it's 5.3. I need to increase it to 6.7! I have pH up and down. How do I increase the pH level in my soil with just the pH up and down? I can't seem to find any article about this. This is a way to adjust pH level, right?

    Nutrient schedule problem

    Hey guys so I'm using Biobizz light soil with all biobizz nutrients. I havent given them nutrients and it's been 2 weeks since they've developed the first 2 leaves. Now they have their true leaves already. Should i start the sched from week 1? Or do I skip the first 2 and give the nutrients for...

    hydroponics vs soil (temperature question)

    So I'm very new to growing! Temperature in my country is very hot and tropical. Which medium is more ideal for my heat situation? Drip water system (the submersible pump might make the water too hot?) Or plain old soil?

    Mixing nutrients

    Is it okay to pre-mix my nutrients with pH controlled water in one giant container for a month? So I wouldn't need to premix every single time I water which would save me tons of time!

    Soil Question!

    Is it okay to transplant your cannabis plant into a different soil mix? I'm now using a biobizz light mix for sprouting in a small pot.

    Question about T5 lighting

    What is the difference between T5 fluorescent and T5 LED asides from power consumption? Can you use T5 LED for vegetative? I only come across fluorescent T5 lighting in this forum!