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  1. SnidleyBluntash

    Opinions on how its looking

    When you look at the tricombs, look at a calyx of a still white hair. Tell us if it’s clear or milky
  2. SnidleyBluntash

    Rootstock graft

    The trick is to find out how many branches to graft on that makes it worthwhile. If you graft 10 branches and they all take, maybe it’s a faster way. What about when you have 1 giant huge organic living soil in the basement, and there is a giant stump in the middle with lots of room the graft...
  3. SnidleyBluntash

    Yield prediction

    Show us the tent set up and we will help. That’s big tent for it all, but that’s ok, you will push everything into a corner.
  4. SnidleyBluntash

    People that own cats grow better weed

    I never had a cat in the house though. Only when it was -40c I was allowed to let the cat in and give it sauser of milk. And then maybe let the cat warm up on the steps. Then when it was time to throw the cat back out into the cold, she would know, and try to run away and hide.
  5. SnidleyBluntash

    People that own cats grow better weed

    I used to think I was a cat person. Then I got a dog and it’s so much more loving and rewarding.
  6. SnidleyBluntash

    Any thoughts on the Arizer Solo 2?

    So if you don’t smoke a lot then yes get one, it will be great. But make sure you get a good deal, arizer had a deal a while back, buy one get get one FREE it was crazy. Maybe Black Friday sales.
  7. SnidleyBluntash

    Any thoughts on the Arizer Solo 2?

    I have the air 2. It is smaller and has regular vape battery, so that’s good. Yours you have to charge the battery it comes with, which Ian powerful. I think Iran great, easy to clean, all you ever have to clean is the glass stem, and it’s so easy. I turn it on and let it warm up, and...
  8. SnidleyBluntash

    Yield prediction

    225g. That’s like 0.5g per watt , you are a noob, I think that is possible. But lots of factors. Like temp and humidity
  9. SnidleyBluntash

    Snidley’s General grow Journal

    Ok so if I didn’t know better I would say they are done. But that’s impossible! I have smoked some and forgot what I was doing 10 times, and that was from buds from 2 weeks ago. I keep cutting buds off and letting them dry and sampling them.With airizer air2. And pax.Hardly never smoke...
  10. SnidleyBluntash

    Dang noob

    What I meant was, is that is your entire budget for the ‘grow’, or is that for the light. If that is for your entire grow, then you need other things like seeds, dirt, fertilizers, containers... things like that. So your light budget might be a few LED light bulbs and some lamps from around...
  11. SnidleyBluntash

    Dang noob

    Your entire budget? Then I’d say... what do you already have that you could use?
  12. SnidleyBluntash

    Thoughts on Indoor vs Outdoor Quality

    After saying though what I said, I do wish I could use the SUN with it’s free and powerful FREE light. The best would be a green house with lights, and automatic blinds that completely darken it, and it’s conected to my house and the heat from the dryer, naturalgas co2, house exhaust goes into...
  13. SnidleyBluntash

    Show us your home made bongs!!!

    Just imagine a water bottle with hole near the bottom, electrical tape around the hole connecting to a taken apart pen, at the end of the pen is the bottle’s cap, with a hole and electrical tape sealing the hole, on top of the cap is tin foil, slightly curved inward, with a few small holes...
  14. SnidleyBluntash

    Thoughts on Indoor vs Outdoor Quality

    1) your outdoor is different than my outdoor, so the geographical location matters for outdoor. For me, the season is so short you would have to choose to veg or flower in the summer. 2) I grew in my pantry, 9oz 4plant dwc, and there was dog hair everywhere. And I vacuum all day :joint: So...
  15. SnidleyBluntash

    What medium and nutrients do you use?

    I’m doing a mix of soil and coco and I won’t do it again. I will next time do either or. I didn’t mix it proper. Compared to dwc, with soil and coco you have to water them possibly daily, I just realized with dwc you don’t have to ‘water’the plants.
  16. SnidleyBluntash

    Anyone on here ever grow a lemon tree indoors?

    here it is after a few years. Maybe 3-5? It could be way bigger but I torture it. I have been keeping it bonsai style so it doesn’t grow. But it a big container and perfect conditions it could get big and thick fast. It seems to put new growth out around October, once winter starts, which is...
  17. SnidleyBluntash

    Can someone identify this plants problem?

    You might have over fertilized and caused an issue with water uptake. If things don’t get better maybe flush it all out and start again. Tell us exactly how much you fertilized. How much water, what brand of ferts?
  18. SnidleyBluntash

    Can someone identify this plants problem?

    Do you have holes drilled at the bottom of the pail? Make there be. Temp and humidity are not optimal. Can you make some kind of humidity dome?
  19. SnidleyBluntash

    jewelers loupe arrives tomorrow

    it looks like it’s all brown shriveled hairs, but I think with different lighting we could see more white hairs
  20. SnidleyBluntash

    Time to pull?

    Looks like it could be time, you could do half now and wait another week and do the rest See if you can tell a difference.