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  1. SnidleyBluntash

    Ready to chop or wait? HELP

    Hello, I hate to make a AM I DONE thread but, I am so far disappointed with the smell, I’m waiting for some magical scent to appear, but maybe these genetics don’t have that. I have taken some sample buds and smoked them and they for sure worked. I just don’t want to hear ‘another 2 weeks’...
  2. SnidleyBluntash

    Tell me if I’m doing it right or a fkn idiot

    Hello friends happy 4:20. , So a few of my leaves are looking like a calcium or magnesium deficiency , maybe even phosphorus deficiency. And it’s time to change the res water. Dwc. LED 67L (18gallon) Rubbermaid. Nearing end of flower(I think) Iv noticed a slow down and no change for a...
  3. SnidleyBluntash

    Snidley’s General grow Journal

    Hey what’s up guys it’s ya boi. This will be my one grow journal of all things growing. I may have questions along the way. I am open to helpful tips. Please no shit posting or bantering. I’m straight business and science. First update is the current situation. 4 plants in one DWC. LED...