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  1. Dopesmoka

    Need exotic smoker advice on a strain

    Yoooo I got this clone from my boy with no label he says it wedding cake tho that he ordered off weed maps. I just can’t seem to find on any site some wedding cake that looks similar and I don’t think I ever smoked the real version so I can’t verify
  2. Dopesmoka

    Quick question about pollination

    I intentionally pollinated 1 plant and accidentally let the other pollinate it self These are seeds forming right ? I found some ball sacs weeks ago down there
  3. Dopesmoka

    911 I got a Hermie need help

  4. Dopesmoka

    Sad looking cut

    I just came across a dosilato clone It’s gonna get a 2 month veg we’ll see what happens
  5. Dopesmoka

    Ain’t nothing like the 2nd time

    Yoooo I got 3 bag seeds 2 guavas and 1 garanimals and 1 feminized sugar cone seed from connected worst case scenario this will be my first crack at breeding
  6. Dopesmoka

    Yooooo flipping to flower next Friday need advice

    Yoooo can anybody give a player some advice on what I should do or not do my final week leading up to flipping these ladies ?
  7. Dopesmoka

    Did I do too much ?

    My cousin talked me into it
  8. Dopesmoka

    Can I pull a oz per plant ?

    gelato 41 crossed wit cookies and cream I just wanna know if this beautiful lady will pull a ounce if I start flowering next week ? And yeah this is my 1st grow but I just wanna know