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    Burnt tips, N tox or Light burn???

    Hi, so i have burn tips on the top of section of one of my plants, seemed like a light burn but i moved the light further away and i'm still not sure if it might be N tox or not, maybe its both. Help would be highly appreciated, i will upload some pictures and a link to my growdiary so you can...
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    Stem wannabe flower

    Why is the stem producint thc? I mean... why is it producing more thc than the flower itself at this point?? Mad stem, i don't enjoy smoking stems, might be good for a extraction but wtf...
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    Help pls(overwatering,underwatering,nute toxicity???)

    I dont know what is happening, 1 of the seedlings is starting to get the claw, or it seems, the other is growing shitty and the last one is showing weird leaf grow. Can some1 diagnose this for me please? All i can associate with this is either im over or underwatering or because i gave wrong...