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  1. LostInEthereal

    Should I top? Day ~40

    Alright so I've raised the LED as much as possible as well as dimmed it a bit to avoid scorching/light burn. I tried supercropping the top several times over 2 days but she just laughed it off and straightened right out. I don't have anymore of the thick rubber coated zip tie type material to...
  2. LostInEthereal

    Natural Mistik longevity

    Does anyone know how long Natural Mistik is good after mixing with water? While I have plenty left I hate to waste it if it remains good to use for quite some time, or even just a couple of days. Anyone care to chime in? Else I'll email the manufacturer and update this thread accordingly.
  3. LostInEthereal

    FastBuds Stardawg

    Fastbuds Stardawg at 14 days from breaking ground, after starting initial soak on the 9th. Sibling seed never sprouted. Seems like she was growing a bit slowly in a 16oz part cup, just transplanted ~24 hours ago into 15gal smart pot with BuildASoil no till kit. She'll be under a I think it's...
  4. LostInEthereal

    Are ornamental Aloe the same?

    So if I buy a random and asethically appeasing Aloe does it carry the same benefits to an organic gardener as the same 'garden variety' type you commonly see used? I've seen the dehydrated extract used as plant food and raw leaflets broken off used as rooting compound am wondering if ornamental...
  5. LostInEthereal


    So I was mistakenly sent a bunch of stuff about a year ago (the only one in my collection I spared when relocating, just for the sheer abundance and pseudo-legality). My interest in consumption of psychedelics and indeed most everything else ('sides booze and ganj) have waned over the several...
  6. LostInEthereal

    I'm a reverse-summersaulting motha fucka

    Lol, okay well I'm excited anyway. I think an active grow journal will help in my learning and hopefully provide some comic relief paired with some maybe sometimes some dim-witted snarky comments while drunk! And of course insight provided, for free, from you guys, thanks a bunch!! :bigjoint...