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  1. meangreengrowinmachine

    How to handle this potting up?

    I currently have 25 plants vegging in 1 gallon fabric pots... regular non feminized seeds. My plan is to up pot them to 3 gallon fabric in a few weeks and flower in 5 gallon sub irrigated planters. My issue is I want to avoid; if I can, is moving all 25 to 5 gallon SIPs only to have to cull half...
  2. meangreengrowinmachine

    Decent bubble bags

    looking to pick up a new set of bubble bags but not trying to break the bank. I dont mind paying a decent amount for a 5 gallon bag set... but I think almost 300 bucks is ridiculous. Anyone have a set they know works well that isn't the bubbleman or boldt bags line?
  3. meangreengrowinmachine

    Anyone Watching the ACL Fest

    Whats up whos jamming to the ACL Fest... cuz we all stuck inside and why the hell not!
  4. meangreengrowinmachine

    "Full Spectrum" vs 3500k only

    Currently I am running all CXB3590 3500K 90CRI COBs for veg and flower. I am always trying to improve and was recently looking at the mass medical branded light on Rapid LED. What do you all think of adding just the center bar from that light OR what would be a good custom center bar to add...
  5. meangreengrowinmachine

    Please Critique my soil recipe!

    Wondering what everyone thinks of my soil recipe? Also I am looking to add possibly Gypsum to the mix but not sure in what ratio with this mix, also I am using LEDs so I want to have a really high availability of calcium and magnesium as it seems like LEDs (and from what I have read a lot on...
  6. meangreengrowinmachine

    Being paranoid... what you think of this leaf?

    what do you think? Day 39 in a 5 gallon SIP some of my own made soil, mainly organics. Watering the sip rez with just phed water with beastie blooms 1 top per gallon and cal mag about 5 ml per gal. Think its just the oncoming fade on these big leaves or do I need to up my cal mag? Oh lights are...
  7. meangreengrowinmachine

    Easy uv

    hello! Looking to throw in some uv light into my led grow (cxb3590s 3000k 5x5 from rapid led) wondering what is the easiest kind of plug and play i can get to not break the bank but still get something out of it. What do you all think some kind of reptile bulb?
  8. meangreengrowinmachine

    Building a room with darkroom vents.

    So I building a room a a I have some dark room vent I have installed. Its about a 5 x5 I have a six inch fan I think like 400 ish cfm carbon filter all that good stuff. Few questions... are the two vents for intake going to be enough given they are dark room vents and might restrict air flow? I...
  9. meangreengrowinmachine

    Who's in jersey??

    Sooo I'm in Jersey (bernardsville area) and had to fly in... thought I would be ok for just a week but man it sucks lol anyone in the area can help an old school riu member out? Would be MUCH appreciated!!!
  10. meangreengrowinmachine

    EM-1 activation question.

    So EM-1 is just bacteria, and you can vasicslly make it multiple by adding it to water and molasses... so once i do that can I then just then re do this same process using this same mix? So kind of treating it like a love sour dough bread starter and you can potentially just buy it once and keep...
  11. meangreengrowinmachine

    Meanwell HLG240H vs 320H

    So I ordered a kit 250 watt 5 cree cxb 3590s and it came with a meanwell HLG240H-C1400B. Works great.... I ordered another what I thought was the same kit but the driver this time is a HLG320H-C1400B, same COBS and all... if I hook this up and it goes to full power will this push too much to my...
  12. meangreengrowinmachine

    When can I give seedlings full power LED?

    I have a bar of 5 Cree CXB3590's running at max 250 watts, that I have just moved over the top of my seedlings. They are only about 2 weeks old so just little gals. I have the LED turned all the way down and up about 21 inches above them. When can I start cranking up the volume??
  13. meangreengrowinmachine

    My first attempt at QWISO

    Just as the thread title says I am trying my hand as some QWISO... attached the process I am using. Thanks to @Thundercat for the tech I copied from his thread Thundercats Groooooooow! (such a sweet thread name btw lol). Everything is in the 1 hour chill stage atm. I did decide to use my 220...
  14. meangreengrowinmachine

    Timber LED kits now sold at Buildasoil?

    So I went to go continue my painfully slow upgrade from HPS to all cobs (which I guess seems like everyone is on QBs now?) I had bought Crees from timber before and loved the quality and great customer service and everything... I go back now and there are no Crees to be found on the actual...
  15. meangreengrowinmachine

    Help using USB microscope

    Just as the title says looking for anyone with experience using a USB scope with your phone... how do you stabilize the damn thing to get close images that are not just a giant blur? I have been looking at something like the one noted below or maybe some other kind of stabilizer? what do you...
  16. meangreengrowinmachine

    Looking to do 5 cob bars using cxb3590 should I use 1400 or 2100 ma drivers?

    So I think soon I should be able to pull the trigger on finishing my upgrade to COB's. My idea is to use 5 bars each using 5 cobs spaced approx 12" on center on each bar then have each bar approx 12 inch away from the other bars effectively getting 1 cob per sqft. in a 5 x 5 space. My first bar...
  17. meangreengrowinmachine

    Anyone ordered using "Sezzle" from 420 Science?

    Eh what do ya think? These Stax look fucking sweet and the idea of get it now .. pay as you go.. but a bong company having my bank account info ... I dont know... I guess I have ordered seeds with a CC before.. and have done this kind of transaction with RC cars.... anyone have experience with...
  18. meangreengrowinmachine

    fine.... its my avatar too!

    no fucking idea what this avatar is..but hey why the fuck not ha!
  19. meangreengrowinmachine

    Soil Mix, What else should I add to make it even better?

    Hello! I use SIPs with the below mix. I grow as organic as possible. Always looking to improve and I know there are more amendments to add to soil mixes. What do you think I should add and why?