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  1. Gtjoker420

    Which Rosin Press to get?

    So I have a small perpetual garden two 3x3 tents. Hoping to pull about a half lb or more every 2 months. I was looking into the Low-Temp 3x5 all in one setup as im in a small apartment and like the fact that its a compact press that can use a 20ton bottlejack. Every video for the low temps looks...
  2. Gtjoker420

    Should I use a exhale co2 bag for my setup

    Hey guys, so I'm running 2 small 3x3 tents in our 2br apartment and was curious if I should hang an exhale bag on the wall in-between the tents, that way they could each pull the extra co2 from the room. Into the tents. I was curious 1. If anyone thinks those exhale bags would benefit my setup...
  3. Gtjoker420

    Why are my leaves like this

    The new growth is sticking straight up and not spreading out
  4. Gtjoker420

    Whats yalls ideas on this deficiency?

    So I noticed some of my leaves are getting beat up and now some are starting to stick straight up and not spread out properly. My friend told me my LED is turned up too high causing damage. I'm in promix using down to earth amendments and compost teas. As well as great white, and recharge...
  5. Gtjoker420

    My 8x3x6 perpetual indoor garden TIPS APPRECIATED.

    So I've finally got all the pieces and everything setup for my small perpetual garden. I am using the vivosun 3x3x6 tent for flower and a viparspectra 4x3x6 2 in 1 tent for veg and clone. It splits into a 3x3 and 3x1 space. I have a 6 inch ac infinity fan hooked up to a ac infinity carbon...
  6. Gtjoker420

    Should I use Co2 bags

    So I'm in veg for my first grow which is in the spare room of my 2 bedroom apartment. I'm curious if I should use exhale co2 bags in the tent or is it too much co2 for the apartment. Is it safe to use the exhale co2 bag if there's also a dog living in the apartment?
  7. Gtjoker420

    Any pc gamers here wanna game soon?

    Lets get a squad going on something pc players
  8. Gtjoker420

    Why didnt this open up

    Germinated 4 of my greenpoint seeds and one isn't opening up but it popped above ground. Think it'll eventually pop open?
  9. Gtjoker420

    Can i use GO CaMg+ with down to earth nutrients in promix

    Well the title says it all haha. I have a bottle of GO camg+ but im now using promix and down to earth nutrients. I'm trying to build the microbial life up in the soil. Planning on using recharge and great white along with mammoth p for this. Does this sound like a good mixture of stuff.
  10. Gtjoker420

    Question about feeding

    So I got some clones today and planted them in promix and gave a light feeding with bio grow and calmag that my friend had. What I am curious about is can I use my down to earth dry nutrients with the promix after the light feeding of general organics nutrients????? I decided that I would like...
  11. Gtjoker420

    Whats happening with this plant?

    So this plant has been growing just fine. I woke up this am and she's like this. What should I do?
  12. Gtjoker420

    Which light should I use for vegging in a skinny area

    Which light should I get for vegging in a 3x1 skinny area. I have attached a picture of the area.
  13. Gtjoker420

    Mars Hydro Cup gtjoker420s weekly grow journal feel free to chime in with help or info

    This is my first grow so bear with me haha. Its day 10 above soil for the kush xl #1 and the GG4 #1. Day 8 above soil for the Kush xl #2 Day 3 for the gg4#3 and the bubblegum #2 All grown under a tsw2000 for now but upgrading to a fc3000 soon. 3x3 tent all autoflowers for this run. The laptop is...
  14. Gtjoker420

    Coldfront coming to Colorado this week

    Guess it's time to pull all my peppers and tomatoes off these girls. Don't wanna bring them inside and risk getting pests in my tent.
  15. Gtjoker420

    My 3x3 grow moving right along

    Here's a current picture of the babies in the 3x3.
  16. Gtjoker420

    Does anyone use these to add a little extra light to the bottom of the plants?

    I see these little led strips that use Samsung LEDs. I'm curious if anyone else uses these for extra lighting in their rooms. Pic attached below
  17. Gtjoker420

    Should i buy this used spider farmer sf1000

    So I can get a spider farmer sf 1000 for $70 in my city right now. The girl said she just turned it on a couple times and decided to get a longer light. She bought it in oct so only like a year old.
  18. Gtjoker420

    Which light do yall recommend

    So I have the 2 in 1 tent and trying to get the bottom section of the small side setup for vegging. The small side is a 3x1 space. Here's a picture of the space.
  19. Gtjoker420

    Whats wrong with my baby

    One of my autos sprouted and has some really light leaves compared to her sisters. What's up with it
  20. Gtjoker420

    Mars hydro ts600 for small section of tent?

    I have the viparspectra 2in1 tent and the small side is 3x1 and was thinking of getting this as a veg light for the small area. What do yall think about this light as a veg. Its in sale for only $68 right now.