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    My Experiance With CBD Oil cannabidiol

    Hello, Im posting this to help others who my be looking for experience reports from someone who used pure cbd. I was interested because ive suffered with different mental problems including insomnia, depression, delusions, anti social and more. Also I was a big pot smoker and I grew up around...
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    whats the details on being a caregiver in MI

    i live in il and we dont have mmj laws here it sucks. I would like to maybe go to a mmj state like MI and become a caregiver. can u grow 72 plants in mi? lets say you grow 72 plants at half pound a plant outdoor that be 36 LB at harvest time. can you get rid of all that pretty quick? like to a...
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    early frost 30 - 34 degrees

    last night there was an early frost the forcast was to get down to 30 degrees. when i woke up it was 34 around my area. went to check on the girls and they were pretty frosty/ frozen. the forcast is calling for 34 degree lows for another 2 days after that it will warm back into 40s and 50s for...
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    Is fox farm too strong/unnessasary for seedlings?

    Wondering if ocean Forrest would be harmfully for seedlings at all? Is it reall unnessasary? If so how long before you should transplant into the ffof from regular dirt?
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    When would you sex

    If you were going to start some plants inside and let them grow for a month when would you flip the lights to 12/12 to sex them. Would you do it after 2 weeks? Or wait till the last week? I know this isn't the best way to do it considing stress but if you had to do it that way how would you do it?
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    starting indoor light ratio

    so by may 10th there will be like 14 hours of light out side and sunrise will be at aprox. 6am sun set at 8pm. That 14 hours of light 10 hours of dark.... Now norm. your supposed to do 18/6 for veg indoor. Would it be ok if i do 14/10 were the light will come on at 6am and turn off at 8pm? Would...
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    What Size Hole For 1.5 Cubic Feet potting soil?

    Just woundering if any one has experiance with digging a hole to fit 1.5 cubic feet of soil? Im thinking 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep. Is it better to go deep or wide?
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    Trying to understand Stocks and Trading

    Im young ive never been taught this stuff andf im trying to wrap my mind around the basics. So I got a question. Lets say theres a stock at 11.00 thats $11 right? So lets say you buy 2 of those stocks at $11 and aat some point that stock goes up to 16.00. Does that mean you make $5 on each...
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    Temperature for Drying?

    Whats the ideal temp. while buds are hanging to dry? Whats too hot?
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    Breeding my own seeds

    What if i took 2 unknown plants from bag seeds, male and female and shaked the pollen all over the female to get seeds. Has anyone ever doen this? what were your results?
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    Opinions On Re Using Fox Farm Soil

    What do you guys all think about re using plots? Im talking about holes filled with fox farm or other expensive dirts? Its alot of work and money to dig and fill those holes but is it worth re using? and if you re use it how many times would you re use it? Also are there any good recipes for...
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    35 Degrees tonight

    Is this gonna kill the green? 35 tonight 40's rest of the week and gettign back into 50's.
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    Best Way ot Sex Seeds Without Hurting the Plant????

    I know clones are the way to go but for knowledge purposes, Is there a good way to weed out the males before planting out doors? No one would want to dig a 5 gallon hole fill it with good dirt only to come a pull out a male. Its a waste of time energy and money, also you have no claer vision...
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    About "My Rollitup" Link Not Showing Subscriptions

    Shouldnt any thread I post on show up in "My rollitup" subscription? I would like to see it when those threads are updated with a new post.
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    Help with simple hydropoinics

    can some one point out some how to thread? I know im interested in a simple bucket and air stone. And Im interested in reading about useing seeds...started in rockwool? What confuses me is the fact that a seed in rockwool will start off so small I dont get how people start that in a bucket...