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    How many lockdowns have you been in?

    Currently I'm in my second lockdown from Ontario, Canada. Wondering how many lockdowns other RIU members are currently in? What are you doing to pass the time? It's hard in Ontario because it won't be shorts weather until May. Its been above freezing most of this month but nothing to do...

    Push to impeach Biden after election

    Its begun...

    Why does it feel good to fight with people on the internet?

    It mostly feels wrong but there is a little bit of a dopamine rush. Especially if I feel I'm right in a discussion. But at the same time I wouldn't argue with people the same way in real life. Anyone else feel the same sometimes? Is it possible to never feel a little rush each time?

    Is weed the strongest scented flower?

    Or are there other flowers that are not weed that have just as strong scent? Not that they smell like weed but another scent that is just as strong.

    Prevent backyard theft

    Its been almost 4 years now since Canada legalized weed and in Ontario you're allowed to grow 4 plants. Last year someone stole our plants, so this year I've installed a motion light camera. What else can I do to prevent theft this year in my backyard? We have a fence too, but I'm thinking of...

    Best way to wash fabric pots?

    I was thinking of soaking them in soap and water, then rise with water again. My plastic pots I would wash with a bleach solution then rise, but I'm guessing its not recommended for fabric pots?

    First organic grow, is this nute burn?

    I think I gave them a little too much top dressing. I was reading that its harder to burn plants with organics but I think its still burn. Or maybe I'm wrong? Any guesses?

    Anyone here own an aquarium?

    I got into the planted aquarium hobby and I do weekly water changes where I siphon the fish poop from the gravel. I'm wondering if anyone feeds their weed plants with the poop? I've been using it outside on my fruit trees and they love it.

    Are Promix Organic water soluble fertilizers actually organic?

    Has anyone used these water-soluble fertilizers and are they actually fully organic? I can't find an ingredient list like the Gaia Green products. I'm doing my first organic grow with...

    Must watch soil documentary

    Coming from synthetic nutes in coco i could not fully understand why soil was so important. This documentary helped me understand it as a first time organic weed grower. Experienced growers I'd love to hear your insight from those who have watched the film. Its on Netflix.

    Wearing a Poppy ban

    Have you guys seen this? Disgusting. I mean, I'm against most modern wars but being against WW1 is disgraceful.

    Is this stealing?

    Left the store today and they didn't scan an item properly. Should I take it back or keep it?

    Clover topping?

    Does anyone add a clover topping to their potted plants? Does it really help balance the N level? Any other pros or cons to growing clover?

    HLG B-Spec Veg light, anyone tried it?

    Has anyone here tried the HLG B-Spec lights for veg only? Wondering if they are worth the price. Also, any led recommendations for a good veg light for a 4x4 tent? I know a lot of the quantum boards on Amazon have mostly 3000K leds, so not the most efficient for veg.

    If Trump wins legitimately will you accept the victory?

    Say in the small chance that Trump wins, how die hard are you as an American that if Trump wins, you'll admit that the American political system is working properly? Or fuck that and protest that the system is shit and needs to be fixed?

    Another Terrorist attack in France

    Its easy to get lost in the virus today but after the teacher beheading in France another attack was just carried out.

    Trumps last days in office

    Let's say Biden wins and Trump tries everything to stall the end of his dictatorship in January. But none of it works and he gets ultra desperate. What is in the realm of possibility that he could do in those last days in office?

    Why everyone will get Covid this Christmas

    Think about it, Santa visits every house in one night.

    Besides dolomite lime, what are other buffers?

    Hi, I just started my new organic grow and what are other buffers that keep ph optimal for growth? Also is the amount of lime in Promix HP good enough for an entire grow or should I add more? I dont have any major problems, I just don't want to be mid-flower and something go wrong.

    The Chicago 7

    Has anyone seen this new movie on Netflix about the Chicago 7? It is about the trial of the protest leaders who stood against the Vietnam War. It feels so relevant today even though it happened so long ago. Sad but inspiring story on how people should always stand up against unjust wars.