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  1. Nutty sKunK

    Branches splitting

    So not seen this before which I thought was pretty cool. Should work in my favour with some LST. hopefully get 4 tops from 2 branches. Strain is Strawberry Cheesecake which I think is very underrated!! Most tart and unique smelling plant I’ve grown so far.
  2. Nutty sKunK

    I’m amazed

    No other way to put it. Germinated this seed and forgot about it. Looked like a bea sprout. So chucked it in some water under a lamp and to my amazement it’s growing xD Such hardy plants it’s insane.
  3. Nutty sKunK

    Mysterious drooping

    So this one has been pickling my brain for a while and need some help. @Dr. Who you seen to know your stuff and this is quite an acute problem. Only the top leaves and the outer finger parts of the leaves are drooping. Tried various wet and dry cycles. Currently at every 2-3 days 1/2 gal of...
  4. Nutty sKunK

    When to harvest CBD plants?

    First time growing CBD indoors and I’m wondering about trichomes. I seem to remember reading somewhere that you should avoid amber trichomes. So aim for mostly cloudy even if some white hairs? Obviously this plant has a ways to go (only 40 days old) but has some nice the trichome coverage. Any...
  5. Nutty sKunK

    Curing multiple buds in same jar?

    As the title reads. Anyone done this before? Bro gave me a few buds from different plants in a jar. Debating weather to separate them or just keep them Together? Only thought was that they might all start smelling/tasting the same?
  6. Nutty sKunK

    ‘What a difference a day makes’

    Poor girl wasn’t watered properly therefore the bottom of the airpot was dry before the core was Kept droping and was never happy. So smashed her with a good watering and a high pH feed and boom. Back in business One of the most satisfying parts of growing weed is fixing problems. Happy new year!
  7. Nutty sKunK

    Tomatoes on 20/4 produce fruit?

    I have some tomatoes growing in my auto tent which is set at 20/4. will they produce tomatoes or do they need more darkness? Cheers!
  8. Nutty sKunK

    Lineage genetics

    Anyone tried these guys stuff? Got a gelato auto from them and no reviews anywhere on that strain and not many for the breeder. So far so good - a little slow to get going but that’s my fault due to lower temps in the room. She’s 25 days since breaking the surface.
  9. Nutty sKunK

    Microbe bloom/force ripening?

    I seem to remember somebody on here saying that if you cause a microbe bloom using teas you can force the plant to mature? Ive done this once accidentally. Made a compost tea with added microbes and my plants yellowed and ripen insanely fast. Something about all the microbes locking up...
  10. Nutty sKunK

    Adverse effects of cold drying?

    So I’ve been drying at around 66f 55% humidity. A couple days ago I ran out of oil and house has been freezing. Past couple days has been 52f 60% humidity. now my question is I know too higher temps are bad for drying but what about cold? my gut instinct is that it’ll just take longer? Cheers!
  11. Nutty sKunK

    Top dressing with lime/ how much?

    So I have low pH and looking to raise the pH with dolomite lime. How much should one top dress with for 4 gal pots? There’s no lime in peat based soil just now that’s why I’m having issues. any recommendations appreciated! cheers
  12. Nutty sKunK

    PPM for organic nutrients

    I’m using bottle organic nutrients at the moment and need a hand figuring out PPM. At 1/4 strength I’m getting 180ppm worth of food. Is this accurate compared to synthetic nutrients? Or do organic nutrients not follow the PPM rule?
  13. Nutty sKunK

    Foliar feeding in flower idea

    Now we don’t want nasties on our buds so I had this head while taking my morning poo. What about a sponge? Dipped in your foliar feed and excess is squeezed out then rub the leaves with the moist feed? Allowing you to get the tops and underside of the leaves with minimal drippage. Gonna give...
  14. Nutty sKunK

    Magnesium deficiency

    Need some help on this one. Peat based media 50:50 bloom/grow organic feed 1/4 strength (contains no cal/mag) Recently added an organic cal/mag 1/2 strength Watered every 2 days (soil gets nice and dry and no watering issues in her life) 600w mH in air cooled hood 18’ away from the tops...
  15. Nutty sKunK

    Mixing compost tea with organic feed?

    So I’m brewing up a compost tea atm. I’ve gone 2.5gallons of water 1/4cup of EWC 1tsp of organic molasses Half a cap of organic fish stuff (just melted fish by the looks of things) And a little seaweed extract Now my question is I’m feeding my plants organic bottled nutrients every watering...
  16. Nutty sKunK

    Are worm castings time release?

    Just wondering if worm castings are time release? Got a slight N tox and was wondering if they were to blame as it hit all the plants around the same time. They’ve been in these pots for 4 weeks now.
  17. Nutty sKunK

    Smell proof containers?

    So what do you guys typically use? I myself use mason jars but they do leak a little smell - can help to rub some lip balm or something on the seal. Just wondering what u guys use? And is it smell proof? Haha
  18. Nutty sKunK

    Balls on autoflower

    I have this 36 day old strawberry pie autoflower which is budding away. I noticed where I’ve cut the stems she is growing pollen sacks on the caylxs. Never seen this before and the others are doing fine where I trimmed. I’ve removed them and they did fall off really easily. Checked her all...
  19. Nutty sKunK

    Can a plant be ‘too’ perky?

    Now I’ve heard the saying praying leaves. And in my experience my plants are very happy when they have praying/flat leaves. Just recently this Strawberry Pie just turning 5 Weeks has been getting very perky indeed. So is there such a thing as too perky? Lol.
  20. Nutty sKunK


    Got these strange markings appearing on this seedling, is it tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)? Have been there since the start but are still showing up in new growth. Plant is 10 days old and doesn’t seem to be affected too much in terms of growth.