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    Drying in workshop with propane heater

    So my drying room has been converted into a bedroom for my twins. I have a 300 sqft workshop in the back of my pole barn. Unfortunatley it is not insulated and has no heat and its freezing where I live. I'm debating providing heat with a propane heater and using a dehu to take out the humidity...
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    Vaccuum oven from auction!

    Always wanted a vac oven, been using a shitty pressure cooker/heat mat thing. Always had issues with maintaining temps, temp accuracy, holding vac, and only being able to purge an oz at a time. I always check the police auctions as I like to buy and sell cars and whatever else. But last week I...
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    Removing chlorophyl update

    So awhile ago I asked how to take the green/chlorophyl out of an alcohol extract. Didnt get a whole lot of feedback. Anyways I did a little research and experimenting. So I first used charcoal as I read charcoal would take out the chlorophyl, but then couldnt filter the charcoal out and the...
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    Removing charcoal

    Hello, so I have ounces of kief and was doing some experimenting. I soaked it in 99% iso...unfortunatley the wash turned out green. I read something about using charcoal to take the chlorophyl/green out so I loaded up a coffee filter with charcoal used for my aquarium and attempted to filter it...
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    Bvv press: stay away

    Got this pneumatic press from BVV, marked 600 bucks down from 1000. After using it for 15 minutes a spark shot out from the top of the unit. I contacted BVV and they said I can arrange for a freight pickup and that they will take a look to make sure I didnt damage it and then refund me as they...
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    Air line fitting on rosin press

    I got my pneumatic rosin press today. I'm confused on how to hook up the air supply. It doesnt have a standard nipple one would find on air tools. Somehow I'm supposed to hook this to a compresor. Any ideas?
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    Nutrient burn or something else?

    I'm 5 days into flower + 2.5ml/gallon calmag. Using house n gardens in run to waste coco. PPM never above 1000ppm. Noticing some spots on the upper foliage of 1 strain, which is purple punch from barneys. Wondering if it's a nutrient burn or something else.
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    Shatter womt stop bubbling under vac

    I made some winterized shatter with 99.9% iso. It's under vac now. At 110F it's not bubbling, however, if I increase the temp by 10-20 degrees it begins bubbling again. Why does it do this? Should I leave it at the higher temp until bubbles stop? Or am I seeing evaporating terps? Also my...
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    Bucking machine?

    Does anyone have any experience using a bucking machine? For trimming I use a twister t4, I do the trimming by myself and my garden is pretty large. My last run was 27lbs dry. That being said it takes over a week of trimming 12 hour days. Looking at maybe investing in a bucking machine to speed...
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    Leaf decoloring

    Hello, long time grower but never seen this before. Just transplanted my babies from 1 gallon under t5s to 7 gallon under gavita led. I've never vegged under t5s before, I'm happy with the results, but wondering if the shock from t5 to the gavita 1700s caused this? It's not on all the plants...
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    Which rosin press?

    I have a lot of kief, I am in need of some info on a rosin press. I have seen some presses around 400 bucks but they say it can press 5grams at a time..obviously I dont wanna have to cycle the thing 100 times. Ideally I would get a press that can do 1/2 to an oz per cycle and not break the...
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    Processing kief

    On advice from a previous thread about extracting trim from my t4 twister, I purchased a pollen sifter/tumbler. WOW! I have almost 2 quarts of kief. What do I do with it? Blast it? I've heard that can be dangerous because kief is so dense. Rosin? I dont own a press. Alcohol extraction seems...
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    Carts taste like ass

    Hello. I got some distillate and attempted to make my own carts. I got terps from 760 glass and another company. They are organic terps meant to emulate strains. I tried using different ratios....5% all the way up to 30%. I do taste the terps but not strongly and always have an aftertaste of...
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    Rotary evaporator instead of vac chamber?

    Hello. I was wondering if any of you fine people have experience using a rotary evaporator? I was wondering if I can blast with butane, then instead of purging in a vac chamber I could dump the slurry into alcohol for winterization, and after that go to a rotary evaporator to purge the alcohol?
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    First automatic run, need advice

    Long time grower, new to automatics. So i am setting up a 4x4 auto tent in my basement. They are sense seeds hindu kush automatics. How many can i put in that tent? What size pots? When i grow regular i aggresively remove side branches and top at least once.
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    Tent climate control

    Im setting up an 8x8 grow tent. It will have 6x600watt air cooled/ducted hoods. I plan on running a sealed room to use CO2. I will have a dehumidifier as well. I plan on putting in a dual hose portable a/c or possibly cutting a hole in the tent and putting in a window a/c. So my problem here is...
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    Can i save this wax?

    Fuck!!!!! I was extracting and the filter blew off the tube. I had extracted about 26 ounces of small buds, probably 3-4oz of wax is ruined. Is there anyway to save this? Could i run an alcohol extract?
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    Cutting a grow tent

    Any ideas for reducing the height of a tent? Im gonna start a grow in my basement, it has 78" cielings anda less than flush floor. The tents i can find that are 4x8 are 80" tall. I could get 2 4x4 tents but they are 78" which leaves no wiggle room. Thinking about cutting the vertical posts on a...
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    Plants wont ripen

    Does anybody knoe why some plants dont ever ripen? I grow from seed and it seems every run i have a couple plants that never ripen. I grow 36 plants, 12 plants each of a different strain. I mean, all the plants will run 8-9 weeks but there are always a few that after 9 weeks still look like they...