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    Drying question

    Short version- Plants drying for a week and not that dry yet, normal for cooler temps 50-65? It was raining today and the drying room window was open so humidity hit 70% am I Fuc*ed for mold? Long version; So I cut down one week ago, they are hanging in their tent 4x4, inline fan at top, two...
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    Needing to temporarily move my plants for a day

    So my plants are in veg right now. About to flip this weekend. Appraiser is coming tomorrow to inspect the house. I rent. Luckily only 8 medium sized plants. Appraiser is supposed to come at 1:30pm. Their light cycle is Lights off 11am-5pm Lights on- 5pm-11am It's supposed to be 45F...
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    Does anyone happen to know if genetic fox tailing is dominant or recessive?

    Hello, Do you know if foxtailing is dominant or recessive? I'm just curious about these crosses I made. Hopefully I have enough pollen to back cross them with the none fox tailing fem pollen and that should remove it from the gene pool. It's all for personal, just having fun with it. If no one...
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    Harvesting in living soil

    Hello all, I've tried using nutes in one tent and living soil in the other. The nutrient tent is fading fast and the living soil tent is not. My main question is when harvesting from living soil does the plant still fade or no since it has so much life in the soil? Or do I just have to REALLY...
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    Weird issue

    Hello all, I'm in week 9 of flower about to wrap it up. Started flushing a week or so ago. In soil. With LEDs. I had fungus gnats in mid flower and had a little larvae on the leaves of some kind that seemed like thrip larvae or pupae. I've been spraying plant therapy on them intermittently and...
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    Timing Help with old harvest and new seedlings

    Hello all, I'm getting ready to harvest my soil grows shortly and my next venture is an auto watering coco system. How should I go about starting seedlings if I'm going to be transplanting into coco? Thanks