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    Why are the leaves turning this color

    Is this normal and should I remove them or leave them
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    I need some advice on this plant idk what’s going on here

    The last pic was the day before i decided to put it in my tent with a stronger light that it’s not use to.... and now it looks like this.... I’ve given it nutes and a flower booster and rugulwr water nothing is working.... I mean it’s still has its smell to the touch on the stems but the buds...
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    How do these ladies look guys?

    It’s been a long journey there finally budding I’m a happy camper and suggestions?
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    Did the light cause my plants to bud early?

    Hey guys so these plants in my closet are relatively close to the light as you can see.. I have them in the closet just for a few weeks in untill I can get them in the tent... anyways they started budding it seems like out of no we’re and these plants aren’t even a foot tall lol... is it...
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    Anyone see wny issues here she been really droopy lately

    Sorry I know I’ve been a pain lol
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    Anyone know what’s going on with these leaves

    There’s a slight discoloring on them
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    Might be a dum question but all these leaves normal

    She’s got leaves coming out of everywhere lol
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    Anyone know what going on with the plant here

    I’m not sure if there’s anything even wrong here but it’s usally a little more spunky then this and it’s dropping it is getting bigger so idk if that’s the case but island any advice
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    What would you guys do

    I have some autos coming in and I want to make the best of them.. I have FFOF, FFHF, black gold seedling mix, superb super soil by a pot for pot, natures living soil auto flower super soil concentrate, coco bricks, mykos rooting powder, perlite, diatomaceous earth, great white...
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    Raising ph

    How can I raise the ph in my soil without watering I just waterd but I realized there at levels 3 and 4 and my plants aren’t growing.. also the top layer of my soil about 2 3 inches down is reading 4 and bottom isn’t even picking up a read saying low
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    Anyone know what’s causing this to these two plants

    So I had all my plants in miracle grow and wanted to get rid of that, so I switched to Fox farm ocean forest it’s been about 3 days since the switch, and the bigger of the two had completely fell over during transfer, a day later she popped back. Now she had these crunchy yellowing leaves and...
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    She’s almost back to normal over night

    To everyone who helped me out last night, thank you. I put her in the closet by herself, and was easy on the lighting. Also gave her a heat mat, because my house gets pretty cold outside the tent that’s she’s used to.. thanks again guys big time
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    Did I just ruin it all :(

    Hey guys I don’t know if I made a mistake or not but I was switching my plants from miracle grow to Fox farm soil and I didn’t want to keep any of the miricale grow dirt so u dug out my plant from the middle I didn’t damage the stem or nothing and I had roots on the end When it came out but one...
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    Transfer problems did I just ruin it all?

    Hey guys I don’t know if I made a mistake or not but I was switching my plants from miracle grow to Fox farm soil and I didn’t want to keep any of the miricale grow dirt so u dug out my plant from the middle I had roots on the end but one of my bigger plants had roots all around the pot when I...
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    Any one know what this coloring means

    I switched it from miracle grow to Fox farm ocean forest 2 days ago and haven’t waterd and this is happing anyone know what this could be
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    What’s wrong here??

    So I just transfers this plant from miracle grow to Fox farm ocean forest some mykros root powder and perlite mix and now this is happening to the leaves any suggestions I haven’t waterd since transfer which was two days ago
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    Would a plant be able to live it’s full life in a 1 gallon pot

    Asking For spacing issues
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    Does anyone see anything wrong with this plant

    Hey guys quick question These leaves on this plant are curling idk what’s causing it my light is at the same height with all my plants and non them are doing this
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    What’s wrong with this plant??

    The edges are curling idk why my others aren’t
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    How to give these to the plants and how often

    Do I mix all 3 in one bottle, or do I mix in Seperate bottles. Also how often should I give of each