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    Help whats this ?

    Anyone know what these fuckers are ? And how can i get rid of them ?
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    would these be ok to turn to flower

    Would these be ok if i dtart turning them now i dont want to let them get to big so i can easily move them may have a inspection soon
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    Whats wrong with these leaves

    So a few of my plants leaves are looking like this but they are still growing bigger ? The rest of the plants look fine they have some slight hooking at the end but tonight ill flush with ph water any other recommendations also welcome cheers guys
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    ready to top ?

    is this ready to top or should i wait a bit longer first time grower
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    HELP Are these over watered ? Is it normal for edges to do this ?

    So while i was at work my gf unplugged my fan and it got a bit hot in my closet so she freaked and she watered them are the edges like that cause they are burnt fron being to hot and is it drooping cause of over watering ?