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  1. Macncheesehaze

    Newb tutorial

    I think there should be like a little tutorial or like an orientation video explaining away all the nonsense so new members don’t pop on spouting nonsense. So when people join there’s just a little video or something that they have to watch. I think it would help the spread of bad info and stop...
  2. Macncheesehaze

    Testing weed in illegal states

    Is there any way a grower in an illegal state could go to a legal state and have their stuff tested?
  3. Macncheesehaze

    It’s lit

    Just got my twenty 20 Mendocino sts spray today. Gonna be breeding some autoflowers and down the line a little bit some photos as well. Strains starting off will be Cash Crop Auto and Somango XXL. I’ll start with one of each, reverse them, collect the pollen, clean the tent out and put in my one...
  4. Macncheesehaze

    Is the Mighty Vaporizer really all that?

    I was about to go ahead and get one till I saw it was 350 before tax so before I get this thing someone who has one tell me, what do you like the most and what do you like the least? Is a cheaper one as efficient?
  5. Macncheesehaze

    4pm bud pics

    Told a guy I was gonna upload some pics at 4 but the thread is gone and probably for good reason. But I did give my word I would so hey let’s have a 4pm plant showcase. No dick showing, just plant showing. Let’s see those beautiful girls!
  6. Macncheesehaze

    Passive air intake possible light leak issue?

    My veg tent is really starting to stink so I shortened my ducting in my flower tent and used what I took out to connect the veg tent. There’s a minimal amount of light that you can see looking straight into the duct. I also put some dryer sheets in there for smell and to block out a little...
  7. Macncheesehaze

    Putting a praying mantis in my tent?

    So I have a praying mantis AND I also have a little bug problem in my tent. I know it’ll eat all the bugs but in its cage to give it water i just pray the inside of the cage and it drinks the droplets. My tent is in flower and I really don’t want to be adding extra humidity in that way. Anyone...
  8. Macncheesehaze

    What’s the best cs to use?

    Like the title says, what’s the best brands and why, or even alternatives if there are any. I’m interested in spraying some females, collecting the resulting feminized pollen and using that to pollenate other plants (probably just lower branches)
  9. Macncheesehaze

    Just a thought on preventing herms

    So I’m ripping my bong and throwing a tiny bit of cherry diesel pollen onto some really early pistils just to get a couple seeds and not have to worry about pollenating the plant. So my mind is working and I start think would intentionally pollenating this part of the plant trick it into...
  10. Macncheesehaze

    Think about building a light set up

    So I have a 2x4x5ft space that I use for flowering. I really want to build a light for this space. Never did anything like that but I read a lot about how cheap it is to just buy the strips and put them together myself. Anyone who’s actually built there own set, maybe even in this size space...
  11. Macncheesehaze

    What’s a seed bank that won’t rob me?

    Pretty much just got robbed by nirvana. Been waiting over 2 months and they told me yesterday that “just this once”they’ll Send a replace. Now they won’t respond to me at all so I’m taking as they robbed me. They won’t refund me and they obviously haven’t sent out anything and can’t prove that...
  12. Macncheesehaze

    First time in coco got some spots?

    On two of the lower fan leaves I have some little spots. New growth looks healthy. I’m using roots organic soiless hydroponic mix with coco and perilite and canna coco a and b. Ph is 5.9. Ppms are like 340.
  13. Macncheesehaze

    Best material for netting

    I need to put nets on my plants that I haven’t checked on in months again smh. They are in a wet area so my line of thinking tells me something that doesn’t hold water. Any thought?
  14. Macncheesehaze

    Mac’s back with a brand new grow

    Just getting back up and running with a new set up. This is my first time using coco so I wanted to make a journal to document my progress and get advice. The set up 24x48x60 2x mars hydro ts 600 A third is on its way. 2x alibaba blah blah led 4in in-line fan with carbon filter and home made...
  15. Macncheesehaze

    Which strain??

    So I’m starting a new grow which I will be journaling on here and I’d like some help picking a strain to veg in my autopot system for quiet a few weeks while an auto flower (Somango XXL from nirvana) that hasn’t even got here yet completes its life cycle. I’ll also be vegging a Tangie also from...
  16. Macncheesehaze

    Nirvana seeds

    I just ordered 3 different 5 packs. Tangie, Somango XXL auto and the Gelato. Anyone have experience with growing these strains from this company? If so what tips do you got? I’ll be running them in 3.9 gallon autopots with canna coco A/B UNDER 3 mars hydro ts600s.
  17. Macncheesehaze

    Anyone need a greenhouse hand?

    I’m not gonna get too personal just yet but I live in NY and I NEED to get the fuck out. Any green houses hiring? I run 14 green houses right now. Not cannabis obviously but I just can’t keep working with lazy people. I will literally move to another state and bust my ass every single day if...
  18. Macncheesehaze


    Thinking about ordering these, anyone use them? Any insight is welcome.
  19. Macncheesehaze

    Anyone use the Wedryer before?

    I just bought a Wedryer band was wondering if anyone has any experience with this product?
  20. Macncheesehaze

    Another purple leaf problem

    Just wondering what you guys think is going on, all the plants look healthy but this one is turning purple. It’s not a purple strain although there was a lot of cross pollination going on that resulted in these seeds. Note the slight nute burn on the tips. None of my other plants are doing this...