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  1. mrmaddu

    Trellis support for rolling benches

    Title basically says it all....been planning on rebuilding for couple cycles now tried to plan perfectly.....but in a nutshell wanting a 8x8 canopy on two 4x8 rolling benches.....botanicare didnt make them that short and i couldnt fit bigger so went with fast fit.....they had a trellis support...
  2. mrmaddu

    Can i glue pvc to these

    I am converting over to top drip from ebb and flow....just wondering if I can glue threaded PVC into this to build my manifold off of.
  3. mrmaddu

    Harvest right owners.....

    Does anybody freeze dry fresh flower on here and if so....what do you set your tray temps and cycle time on.....I know it will vary but I need a starting point.
  4. mrmaddu

    New setup help!!!

    Ok so i am new to LEDs.... and also new to sealed rooms and co2 my question....i have read and heard from other growers you want to run your temps around 85 when using co2 or its pointless.....i have also read some stuff about leaf surface temps which make alot of sense to...
  5. mrmaddu

    Green leds on hurricane fans....

    I think they will be fine in the dark cycle of a flower room but just wanted to double check....anybody else running the hurricane super 8 fans in the flower room even in dsrk cycle?
  6. mrmaddu

    Help hanging carbon filter!!!

    Does anybody hang carbon filters that are for 10 inch fan? I think its 14 inches in diameter...the room is just 5x9 and i have a 4x6 table going in there so space is tight...i am thinking ratchet straps screwed into ceiling joist with flat washers.....anybody have any better ideas...8 ft...
  7. mrmaddu

    Do i need RO filter?

    So i am making the change from soil to coco and i know it is important in soil also just never was a problem for me....but water from my tap comes out around 38ppm and ph around i mixed up 4 gallons of solution last night just to see how it acted......i added silica first, then some cal...
  8. mrmaddu

    so i am getting a closed loop and have a couple questions

    i am looking into buying a mini extactor passive system that runs 135g with the standard column it comes with but am buying a "dewaxing" column that will handle 60-90 grams the column basically has a extra sleave to pack with dry ice/ipa to chill the material inside the column.....but my first...
  9. mrmaddu

    Flowering Light Question

    So just finished harvesting a couple bubba kush clones but now wondering would i have a better yeild to flower with just a cheap 400 watt hps bulb from lowes that makes 45000 lumens or to use my 400 watt hortilux blue that is around 32000 lumens but good red and blue spectrum?
  10. mrmaddu

    When To Flush?

    I am starting to see about 10 percent amber trichs on the bubba kush which is supposed to be 65 to 70 days to maturity which the 28th will be 70 days exactly but just wondering when i should flush details and pics in the sig.
  11. mrmaddu

    Need help when to flush

    Pics are in the journal in the sig but i am seeing about 10 percent give or take amber trichs when should i start flushing?
  12. mrmaddu

    Switching Nutes at 6 weeks in bloom...General hydro to General Organics???

    So i have been running general hydroponics flora series with the lucas formula and using floralicious and kool bloom liquid and dry but now ran out of the florabloom. but i just recently bought a general organics go box so i have their full line what do you guys think?
  13. mrmaddu

    Need Help? Slime on Roots and Lollipop Questions

    So i have slime on my roots on the bubba kush in the dwc i got great white myco and also got 29% h2o2 and it looks better but still has some also has clean white roots so i dont get it...stats and pics are in my journal and link is in sig. also lollipoping didnt know when i should strip the...
  14. mrmaddu

    Need Help! Slime on Roots

    I need some major help i am growing a bubba kush in a 5 gallon dwc it is a week into flower and cant kick the slime on the roots i got some great white myco and some 29% h2o2 but just added yesterday looks alittle better but not by much pics in my journal please help plus rep for any help and...
  15. mrmaddu

    Lost Power for 6 Days?

    So here is the story buddy of mine growing two bubba kush under t5s lost power due to severe storms his plants were 5 weeks into flowering what will this do leaves kinda turning at points and twisting over....sorry no pics any ideas?????? anybody have any ideas how this will affect overall...
  16. mrmaddu

    First Official Indoor Grow All Out!

    I just got my 3x3x6.5 tent set up and it is equip with a 400 watt mh with hortilux blue bulb....carbon filter and 81 cfm fan I have 11 white widow clones in FFOF and 3 in my aero cloner trying to get the roots more developed....Also i have on seed plant Its a dr greenthumb bubba kush...
  17. mrmaddu

    Looking for advice on setting up a new grow.

    So let me start by saying that not sure if this is where this should be or not and probably will be double posted on the indoor thread and then on the general growing thread. So this is new equipment i got today. I got a viagrow 400 switchable ballast, cooltube, hortiluz blue mh bulb, 3x3...
  18. mrmaddu

    Need help setting up new grow. Looking for advice.

    So let me start by saying that not sure if this is where this should be or not and probably will be double posted on the indoor thread and then on the general growing thread. So this is new equipment i got today. I got a viagrow 400 switchable ballast, cooltube, hortiluz blue mh bulb, 3x3 tent...
  19. mrmaddu

    Need help....Newbie to this.

    ok alittle background this is my second grow ever. Or continuation of my first. The strain is white widow...I have a dwc setup now with 2 rooted clones and one smaller aero cloner with 5 cuttings. Also i am using spring water...not the kind from the store but the kind that gets pumped out of the...
  20. mrmaddu

    roots on or off

    just wondering i have heard from several old heads that it is better to dry with the roots still on the plant when hanging upside down....says all the flavor is in the root system...just wanted to get some thoughts on this....its not like my plant is massive just going for the best possible smoke...