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    Second go around at this growing thing. This time I decided to try three. Oldest one is northern lights and she is about 56 days from seed.

    Thanks for the info, I will leave them alone. How long will she stretch on average?
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    What did you accomplish today?

    This was Saturday
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    I have a question I am starting my second grow and one of my plants grew and stretched to about 2 inches and fell over. I dug up the plant and the root was only a centimeter or two. Was it a bad seed or did I do something? Germinated in paper towel before planting.
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    Yeilds on auto flowers?

    I just finished my first ever grow and ended up with 101 grams dried. So I am guessing that I did ok.
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    What's the hype with autos?

    I just completed my very first grow and decided to go with an auto. I got 101 grams not sure I could of gotten that from 1 photo period. But I am completely new to growing.
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    1st ever grow coming to an end.

    Decided not to chop her and this is how she looks now
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    1st ever grow coming to an end.

    So I am going to give it another 10 days.
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    1st ever grow coming to an end.

    I can’t get a picture to upload says compressing file and that’s all it will do. I will keep trying.
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    1st ever grow coming to an end.

    So this is my orange sherbet auto and she is coming down this weekend!
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    Ro water vs Filtered water

    I use rain water I collect from my tin roof. I bought 2 65 gallon pickle barrels and converted them to rain barrels. Ph is constant and almost no ppm.
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    First grow

    Calmag, fox farm micro and bloom stopped the grow last week.
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    First grow

    She is about 49 days from popping out of the soil. I think she is doing well. Just wondering what people think. Orange sherbet auto from seeedsman in fox farm ocean forest.
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    My first ever try at growing

    What does it mean to run hot?
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    My first ever try at growing

    Ok, I will just let her be. Thanks I hope to get a few ounces out of it.