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    I have a question I am starting my second grow and one of my plants grew and stretched to about 2 inches and fell over. I dug up the plant and the root was only a centimeter or two. Was it a bad seed or did I do something? Germinated in paper towel before planting.
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    1st ever grow coming to an end.

    So this is my orange sherbet auto and she is coming down this weekend!
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    First grow

    She is about 49 days from popping out of the soil. I think she is doing well. Just wondering what people think. Orange sherbet auto from seeedsman in fox farm ocean forest.
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    My first ever try at growing

    Ok so I am completely new to this and am looking for advice on my grow. I have my auto in ocean forest soil. Foxfarm trio and calmag. She is around 25 days old. Is it going to stretch any or just be short. I have her under a spider farmer sf1000. 18/6 schedule. Should I get rid of the large...