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  1. pacificarage

    Cheap Amazon Light

    Usually those strip-style lights are garbage.
  2. pacificarage

    A Solid LED to check out! dont sleep on this

    For the most part, you are right. Same drivers and diodes mean most of it, but there are other factors to consider like how well the heat is dissipated across the panel. If the heat can't escape properly, your LEDs will fail prematurely. Another thing to consider is the spread of the light. Some...
  3. pacificarage

    First Grow in 15 Years Multiple Strains CBD Breeding Project 600w 5x5

    Great job, man! I've been interested in CBD strains since I watched a special on Charlotte, the girl that was having epileptic seizures. Much respect for this type of grow, man. Subbed, and +Rep
  4. pacificarage

    Hey little guy welcome to the world :)

    You aren't skipping the germination process by starting the seeds in the dirt. There is no such thing as "doing it without germ" That's what I told you the first time and you still didn't get it. Dipshit.
  5. pacificarage

    Avacadoetree DIEING!!

    That bad boy has got to be more than a year or two old. I had one growing under some T12s once. That thing took forever to grow.
  6. pacificarage

    Fungus gnats, duckfoot and wonder woman

    Walmart likes to sell the shittiest cheapest soil ever. I got a bag of Miracle-Gro once that was filled with ant-eggs. That sucked. Anyways, a bottle mixture of neem oil with a mild dish soap and water will take care of the little bastards. It's organic. It smells like shit though.
  7. pacificarage

    jewellers scope just laying around.....

    It's called a jeweler's loupe.
  8. pacificarage

    Ever flirt with someone for a good deal?

    Considering where flirting normally gets me, I'd probably end up having to pay more...
  9. pacificarage

    Round 1 Low Watt, Closet Grow

    That's a pretty nice LST you got going there, my man :weed:
  10. pacificarage

    2013/2014 indoor run

    Hey man. Nice looking grow. Welcome to the forums. Nirvana's Northern Lights is a fantastic strain. You should be quite pleased with that one. Haven't grown the others, but Nirvana's strains have never disappointed me so I'm sure they'll do great for you.
  11. pacificarage

    I think they know...

    Try suspending the air pump from a piece of string or something. I'm assuming most of the noise is coming from the pump vibrating against something and not the pump itself.
  12. pacificarage

    Growing container idea, Please tell me what you think.

    You shouldn't post your true name on here, man. That probably isn't a good idea... Interesting concept, though.
  13. pacificarage

    Suspicious Activity

    Theres nothing anonymous about P.O. Boxes. I don't understand why people even bother getting them.
  14. pacificarage

    First Grow - Think Different Soil Scrog - CFL Lighting

    I'll bet that soil mix will do great. So far so good, man.
  15. pacificarage

    Topping and Lollipopping at the same time ??

    BUDS? You shouldn't be cutting any buds off, man. You start lollipopping while the plant is still vegging. You may have to keep trimming off new growth during flowering, but you should never have to chop off a bud.
  16. pacificarage

    Lol, Vileplume... Your username makes me laugh.

    Lol, Vileplume... Your username makes me laugh.
  17. pacificarage

    Am I the only one that doesn't want weed to become legal?

    Look into using TOR, bro.
  18. pacificarage

    Rooting Hormone in Soil?

    I believe rooting hormone doesn't actually stimulate root growth. I believe it only softens the stem of a cutting to help it begin producing roots. Not sure if that would work on roots as well or not.
  19. pacificarage

    D w c one light one plant

    I would lower that light, if you haven't already. That seedling is stretching way too much.