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  1. Moldy

    Just for Nevadans... Heller snubbed
  2. Moldy

    Discount Tire donates $1 Million to keep us criminals in AZ

    I bought over $2000 in tires last spring for those assholes... never again.
  3. Moldy

    Quick Outdoor (newbee) question about rain...

    I almost always grow indoors but I've got a Skunkberry (Peak Seeds) plant outdoors in the rain (first rain) in the desert. I'm worried about bud mold. It's about 56F and steady rain. It's about in it's 6-7 week. Can it go for a couple of days in the rain without molding? It's high desert so when...
  4. Moldy

    I think I have a hemp (rope) pheno, not sure how to feed it, or do I need to?

    Seed from Resin Seeds/Cannatonic. 630W DE HPS in soil. 500-600 ppm bloom w/cal-mag in week 4 of flowering. I'm wondering about the level of nutes to feed it with... high? low? It appears to lacking N which I've added in "slightly". Buds don't really bulk up, just kinda whispy. It does have a...
  5. Moldy

    Anyone using the AC/DE HPS by Sunlight?

    I picked this light up at the hydro store on a whim (ugh). I'm using the Ushio AHS-DE1000W/PRO-PLUS (double ended) bulb with a Galaxy 400/600/1000 ballast with "turbo". The light appears to be much more penetrating but gives off a lot of heat. I had to buy an AC unit for the summer but it may...
  6. Moldy

    Legalization bill introduced in NV by Joe Hogan D-LV

    Well, here's your chance to write your local rep/congressman. We don't get many chances like this. Please, at the end of the pre-written letter provided by Norml add some of you personal "touches" to the story and your phone number...
  7. Moldy

    Legal weed in this country... WTF!!

    Not much more to say!
  8. Moldy

    New ruling on Nevada's MMJ
  9. Moldy

    Nevada could have pharmazised type dispensaries?

    Sorry but I can't find the link for this but I heard on the Norml Show Live yesterday (10/23) that a Nevada lawmaker is studying a proposal to have pharmacy style dispensaries thoughout the state. I'll be back later with a link... I hope.:wall:
  10. Moldy

    Jack Herer's Son And Family Supports PROP 19 As Jack Would Have!

    From the Family of Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes Van Nuys, California, August, 2010 Dear Friends of Hemp and Cannabis, Our father, Jack Herer, was a man of leadership, compassion and idealism. He worked relentlessly for decades to achieve his dream of legalizing Cannabis...
  11. Moldy

    Alone in N. Nevada

    I just wanted to "high" to all (or some) of the NV patients. I feel like I'm driving down US 375 (extraterrestrial highway) without a map. It's too bad our laws don't even let us share meds or clones. I don't think we're even allowed to talk to each other! Oh well, someone start a thread about...
  12. Moldy

    How many growers run a fan during the dark cycle?

    I've searched for the answer to this question in other forums / categories but haven't seen anything specific to leaving the fans on during the dark periods. My room gets around 60F at night and I'm nervous about ill effects from cold air blowing on them. Is it advisable to continue air...
  13. Moldy

    Norml Show Live (1 PM PST) I haven't seen this link on this site so I thought I would share if anyone cares.
  14. Moldy

    AMA Finally Gets It!

    AMA Ends 72-Year Policy, Says Marijuana Has Medical Benefits By Americans for Safe Access - Tuesday, November 10 2009 Tags: <LI class="first taxonomy_term_24">Headline News <LI class=taxonomy_term_1862>American Medical Association <LI class=taxonomy_term_138>MEDICAL MARIJUANA USA The...
  15. Moldy

    People from Georgia, be afraid!!

    Just a little news off the Norml website. Seems we got a hater in the Georgia House. What a dick!:-? [Editor's note: This post is excerpted from this week's forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML's media advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up for NORML's free...
  16. Moldy

    My clone has trichomes!!

    Okay, I'm a bit confused. I went on vacation and came home to find one of my female Belladonnas was a he. So I got rid of him and cloned off my last flowering Belladonna. It took a long time to "take" but she came alive and I didn't pay that close attention to her. Today I looked closer and...
  17. Moldy

    Judge rules in FAVOR of Cali's laws, 10th Amendment violated by Bush

    Court Tells Feds They Violated the 10th Amendment The battle for medical marijuana usage in California took a turn for the people recently when a US District Judge ruled that the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution bars the federal government from targeting the enforcement of federal laws...