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  1. pacificarage

    Tor on Rollitup

    Anyone else tired of having to keep redoing Cloudfare's annoying captcha when using Tor to access Rollitup? I sure the fuck am. haha
  2. pacificarage

    Am I the only one that doesn't want weed to become legal?

    This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I can't stand the thought of weed becoming completely legal in the US. Hear me out, this is from a grower's standpoint. If I didn't make part of my income from growing, I probably would love the thought. The price of weed will drop so low, it won't...
  3. pacificarage

    Cree 304 Series Flood Beast

    So I was looking at Cree website, and noticed that they have a series called the 304 series. I have noticed that my local gas stations have been switching their lights from Metal Halides to these insane LEDs (not sure if they're using Crees') and man, these things are BRIGHT. I saw that you can...
  4. pacificarage

    Cloning plants other than Cannabis

    Okay, this has been something I've wondered for a long time... Marijuana; it is a photo-periodic plant (aside from autos), using the amount of sunlight it receives each day to let it know what its supposed to do. My question is, what other kinds of plants CAN you clone? And whats the deal...
  5. pacificarage

    Foxy: The White Widow

    Okay guys. Ive got her under a 55W CFL for now. Once she gets a little bigger I'll move her under my 400W Metal Halide. For flowering, I will use a 400W High Pressure Sodium. I just transplanted her in FoxFarm: Ocean Forest potting mix. I'm using Supreme Hydroponics: Grow for her veg stage. I...
  6. pacificarage

    UV Lighting

    Alright guys, I've heard of guys using UV lights in their grows. I would love to know more about this. Where do you get the bulbs? How are they beneficial to the grow? Thanks in advance!
  7. pacificarage

    Triple Decker PB&J

    I love eating them when I'm high. How about you guys?
  8. pacificarage

    Hermie Concerns

    Hey guys, I'm a bit new to the Marijuana realm. I would like to know what specifically causes a plant to become a hermie. I have read that stress can cause it. But I was always told when you clone a confirmed female plant, the clone will be female, period. Can it possibly turn hermie later? Does...