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  1. Moldy

    Fuckn nanners hu??

    I usually don't get nanners until week 8? You're too early. ;)
  2. Moldy

    Covid vaccine not so safe? Video of nurse passing out.

    Ah shit. If I can hit up lsd and coke as a kid this sure the hell won't hurt me.
  3. Moldy


    He's been in politics a long time, he should have known better. All dems get the shaft when they get caught, R's? We expect it out of them. They get a pass since it won't hurt their voter's feelings since they are all the same douche bags.
  4. Moldy

    Any tent fans that don't suck?

    Ah, flash. Haven't heard that term since I retired from plastics. They could spend a little extra up front and put Si or Teflon right in the plastic but that would cost too much.
  5. Moldy


    Just got my first Moderna shot down in Minden NV yesterday. FEMA and NV Guard present and active. I had to drive an hour to get it but who cares? Been trying to find a place now for a month and glad I got in under the wire before the younger 65 year old people clog up the system. The new J & J...
  6. Moldy

    Political memes ONLY.. To prove your political points.
  7. Moldy

    Examples of GOP Leadership

    Huh? I wonder .... Yeah, fucking Eh? Not a prison state?
  8. Moldy

    Best lemon strains?

    My grandson found a nice Dawg Lemons pheno last year from Greenpoint Seeds but your choice is a solid one. I liked SLH too. Sticky and lemony for sure without that much pheno hunting.
  9. Moldy


    Not sure of the increased costs to the general public but I think they're going to get screwed big time.
  10. Moldy


    My fucking hearing aids get tangled up with the mask straps as my glasses are fogging up but I can still take in oxygen at a sufficient level. What was the question? Where's my vaccine? This is almost over and now maybe they can start a grand jury to level criminal charges on lead...
  11. Moldy

    COMMERCIAL GROW.Never seen this before ANY THOUGHT??

    Pix #1 I've haven't seen the striped yellowing before but the edges of the leaves are showing a bit of heat/light stress. Was it close to the lights for awhile? disclaimer: not a commercial grower
  12. Moldy

    Exhaust Fan

    This^^^ They're only 30-35 bucks and will change your life. You can get a dual one that also does temps.
  13. Moldy

    Which approach will win?

    I upgraded 5-6 years ago to a AC-DE bulb and hood that I bought instead of an LED set up. Still using the same bulb except for veg,. now using a CMH 600 DE in the fall that's the beginning a 3 harvest year. I fucked up and bought a TSW-2000 Mars last year in a moment of stupidity which I'm...
  14. Moldy

    Trumptard lie of the day set ablaze - "Best economy in history of the world."

    Um, Trump's fault completely. He totally dismantled the Pandemic Response Team years before we found out about Covid 19. He said it would "go away in the spring" He said they had it under control when 15 people tested positive in a WA nursing home. And of course the interview that revealed he...
  15. Moldy

    Random Jabber Jibber thread
  16. Moldy

    Time to re pot?

    I've seen people do it pretty early but I don't really like doing it myself until I see about 4/5 nodes and they're big enough to take clones but that's my backwards way of doing it. I've had some strange results with my training lately so maybe someone else could chime in haha. Many strains...